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This is an era when the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. In order to win the market, wardrobe enterprises should not only have excellent product quality, but also put appropriate advertisements to increase the popularity and reputation of the brand. However, advertising is expensive. At a time when the market is depressed, how to obtain * great benefits with the least amount of money is what every wardrobe enterprise must seriously consider. Wardrobe enterprises should scientifically put advertisements! Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

first, the brand tipping point should pursue creativity

the advertising of wardrobe enterprises should adhere to the principle of scientific planning

wardrobe enterprises should learn to find the tipping point of their own brand and make their own and creative advertising language. In today's wardrobe industry, it is undeniable that every enterprise wants to make its own brand. Because we all know that if we want to be remembered by consumers, we must be different from other brands. However, few people really put their brand concept into the hearts of consumers, because they lack advertising creativity that can be remembered by consumers at a glance. The author believes that it is not easy to find a good idea and conform to his own brand concept. However, the factor that such advertising language can be remembered by consumers is wisdom, not money

second, focus on putting

the information is simple, and strive for the advantage of relative attention. In short, focus on delivery. Focused delivery can choose to focus on a certain region, such as the building materials market; You can also choose to focus on a high potential media and concentrate resources on effective media; Focus on a certain time period, do not cast in other time periods, and only cast in one time period. This can not only identify potential customers, but also save advertising expenses

third, make the risk of advertising rational and controllable

advertising by wardrobe enterprises is also an investment, which should be invested rationally. Wardrobe enterprises should be able to control the risks, clarify the predictable benefits, and think about what methods and means to evaluate and test. For example, a well-known wardrobe brand in the industry made a newspaper advertisement with local authority and large circulation. However, the store staff did not make an advertising effect evaluation form for customers to fill in, or did not teach the store guide to embed some understanding words in the sales script to support this advertising campaign. Therefore, the dealer used a common saying to describe it: tens of thousands of yuan was just washed away! From this, we can see that the launch of wardrobe enterprises this time has lost its due significance

in a word, the general principle of advertising in wardrobe enterprises is: simple information, creativity and effect monitoring. For wardrobe enterprises, if they want to establish a good wardrobe brand in the fierce competition and do a good job in advertising and marketing on the basis of limited promotion funds, they must do the above work well in order to achieve the goal of publicity and promotion

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