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The balcony is the window connecting the home and the space outside the home. The importance of the balcony is no less than the door. If there is no balcony in a person's home, it is very ventilated and breathable. In traditional Feng Shui, there are many taboos of balcony Feng Shui, so what are the taboos of balcony Feng Shui? What are the precautions for Feng Shui in the decoration of the balcony of the new house? The following editor will share these problems with you, looking forward to helping friends in need

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there are many balcony Feng Shui taboos, so you should pay more attention when buying a house. If you find Feng Shui problems after buying a house, you can take some methods to solve them. It is taboo for balcony Feng Shui to cut the evil spirit in the face of the heaven. The so-called heaven cutting evil spirit refers to a narrow gap between two tall buildings. It is called heaven cutting evil spirit because it is like cutting in half with a knife from the air. If the house faces the sky beheading, there is often a disaster of blood. In case of the above situation, a pair of copper turtles can be placed on both sides of the balcony to resolve the sky beheading

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some people's houses are in downtown, and their balconies and streets rush straight, which is also taboo in balcony Feng Shui. It's like a fierce tiger swooping on the head, and the owner's home loses money, which is a fierce pattern in Feng Shui. This straight coming street is less harmful in the short term, but the longer it is, the worse it is. It doesn't matter if there are not many vehicles, but the more vehicles it travels, the more lethal it is. If the highway is coming directly in front of you, you should not only put a pair of copper turtles on both sides of the balcony, but also hang a convex mirror to make everything perfect

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most Chinese people like rounded things, which symbolize reunion and festivity. If your balcony rushes directly to the sharp corner, it will cause the population of this family to be uneasy and suffer from frequent diseases. Therefore, we must find ways to resolve it. This situation is mostly the sharp corners of adjacent buildings. The sharper these sharp corners come straight, the more fierce they are. The closer they are, the more dangerous they are

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there are some European style houses. In order to make the lighting and ventilation inside the house better, most of the owners add large bay windows. In this way, the outer wall is easy to form many sharp corners, which looks like a row of sharp serrations. If the balcony faces this kind of serrated buildings, it must be dissolved with copper turtles. In addition, the balcony faces the anti bow Road, which is also prohibited in Feng Shui. The streets of the city are curved and straight. If you look out of the balcony and see the street in front of the house curved, and the corner rushes directly to the balcony, it is similar to the crossbow opening to the house, which is the pattern of the street anti bow: the main culprit

the above is a small series of related sharing about balcony Feng Shui taboos and Feng Shui precautions for balcony decoration of new houses, for your reference! If you have more related questions, please continue to pay attention to our information, and we will provide you with more wonderful content later





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