Indoor pollution included in the health black list

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Xinbao news (reporter wisdom) indoor smoke and dust together with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and obesity are the top 10 threats to human health. In the World Health Report 2002 just released by the World Health Organization, a special chapter expounds the relationship between indoor air pollution and people's health

it is reported that people live indoors for a long time, so the air pollution they suffer mainly comes from indoor air pollution. 24million deaths worldwide are closely related to it every year. In China, South America and other places, 1/6 of the diseases are caused by the above factors

according to the report, the living room environment has a significant impact on people's daily life. The location, design and construction of the living room, as well as the indoor environmental pollution caused by traditional cooking and heating, will have a significant impact on human health. According to statistics, nearly half of the world's people are exposed to indoor air pollution, which has caused 35.7% of respiratory diseases, 22% of chronic lung diseases and 15% of tracheitis, bronchitis and lung cancer. The report specifically mentioned that the use of materials containing harmful substances in room decoration will aggravate the degree of indoor pollution, which has a greater impact on children and women, and its degree of pollution is far beyond the estimates of the World Health Organization

at present, it is the season when indoor environmental pollution is serious. It is necessary to exercise in outdoor venues with clean environment and open windows for ventilation every morning. The indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association found in its work that China currently has not only the pollution of building syndrome in modern cities, but also some pollution caused by indoor heating and combustion. When winter comes, people spend more time working and living indoors and less outdoor activities. Doors and windows are often closed for heat preservation, and indoor harmful gases in newly decorated houses are difficult to volatilize as soon as possible; Cooking fume in kitchen is one of the carcinogenic factors; Some families who use coal stoves for indoor heating should pay more attention to indoor environmental pollution




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