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The summer of 38 degrees is not far away, and the winter is coming. Let it go, there were always oneortwo days a week to get up

the summer of 38 degrees is not far away

the winter is approaching

let it go

there are always oneortwo days a week to get up

~ go to the bar to brush your face ~

~ go to the nightclub to dance ~

~ go to Qingba to talk ~

anyway is to make things happen

don't get upset


everyone knows that

looking for a valet driver or Uber drunk

looking for the key in the stairwell at midnight

~ there is no way to continue to be an elegant baby ~

winter is coming

of course, it is necessary to nest in your private quilt

the cold wind is biting

there is no need to do things outside

however, the temperature in autumn and winter has repeatedly hit new lows

but the electricity bill has been rising

air conditioning, floor heating, heaters


each is an electric tiger

can we make some changes this winter

choose energy-saving doors and windows to solve the root cause

doors and windows can keep warm and save energy

have excellent properties such as heat insulation, tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc.

aluminum wood composite doors and windows indoor side wood profiles block the heat bridge of indoor and outdoor energy transmission, and the energy-saving effect is very obvious

it adopts multi-channel sealing, and the isobaric cavity waterproof principle design between the opening part and the window frame is used in the high-grade curtain wall. It has excellent waterproof and sealing performance, and its waterproof and sealing performance is due to the general aluminum window and high-grade plastic steel window

hollow tempered glass can be selected for the glass part, and the glass decorative strip produced by American technology is used inside the glass, which has better decorative, thermal insulation and sound insulation performance than the aluminum decorative strip used for domestic general doors and windows

red oak doors and windows

in summer

it can prevent solar energy from entering the room

thus shortening the cooling time of the air conditioner

in winter

it can prevent indoor heat energy from radiating to the outside

thus reducing the energy consumption of heating


red oak aluminum composite doors and windows

can not only block the wind and rain

but also reduce the energy consumption of the heater/air conditioner.Abuse

to save money while

allows you to live a low-carbon life




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