The owner of the top floor of a community in Hefei

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In mid May, Mr. Zhu, the owner of haotianyuan community on the North Second Ring Road of Hefei, found that the residents on the roof of building 41 in the community had made “ Big action ”, It not only breaks the wall, but also seems to be expanding. In this regard, the property stated that they contacted the owner and even issued a notice to require rectification. The owner not only ignored it, but also tore away the rectification notice. The relevant person in charge stated that the property has no law enforcement power and hoped that the law enforcement department would take the lead to stop it. The urban management department under the jurisdiction responded that the household should belong to “ Over decoration ”, The property has not effectively restrained the decoration before, and now it should take the lead to stop improper decoration

construction site

complaint: someone is working on the top floor

the expanded house is the top floor of building 41 in the community. The building has 27 floors. Mr. Zhu said that by chance, he found someone breaking the wall on the top floor of the building. Then the workers set up scaffolding and poured the new roof. The owners were suspicious. The construction team knocked for nearly a month, but no staff from relevant departments came to stop it

what worries the owners most is that the workers are likely to hurt passersby during construction. An owner said that the building is close to the west gate of the community, and the Road downstairs of building 41 is the only way for owners to enter and leave the community. And just above the heads of these pedestrians, someone is working towards heaven and earth& ldquo; There are no protective measures installed during the construction. In case something falls and hurts people, who will bear the responsibility& rdquo;

room 2701 of the building is under construction on the roof. The room is still a blank room, and some walls of the room have also been broken. Several workers are working in the house. A worker said that they were just working and didn't know the specific things. Then they left the room

the relevant person in charge of the property explained that after receiving the owner's report, they also came to the scene to check the specific situation. There are only construction workers in the room& ldquo; We contacted the owner, but the owner didn't want to show up to solve the problem& rdquo; They had previously posted a notice on the door of the household asking for self rectification, but the notice was torn up. The person in charge of the property said that if the owners are stubborn, they will cut off water and power in the next step

urban management: the household “ Over decoration &rdquo

the editor learned that a staff member of the urban management department stated that after their on-site inspection, they found that the household was “ Over decoration &rdquo& ldquo; The property did not sign a decoration contract with the owner and did not effectively supervise it& rdquo; The urban management department hopes that the property can take responsibility and stop the owner's misconduct. At the same time, they also promised that they would continue to pay attention to the progress of the situation. If the property has difficulties in handling this matter, they can also provide relevant support and help





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