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Everyone has a different understanding of home. How can we decorate the most perfect home with limited funds? In home decoration, many owners are concerned about the decoration cost. Therefore, before decoration, we must plan well. Only good planning can reduce the cost. Here, life home editor specially integrates the warmest home decoration information for you this winter, so that you can dress up as the most beautiful love home

among modern home decoration materials, wood flooring is favored by more and more users for its comfort, nature, fashion, taste and other characteristics. However, in the face of various dazzling wooden flooring brands with numerous names in the market, consumers often feel at a loss, especially for users who decorate for the first time, the quality, variety, price and grade of wooden flooring are complex, and all of them are impressive. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics and applicable styles of the current mainstream wood flooring varieties one by one, for the reference of friends who are preparing to decorate

solid wood floor: comfortable and natural, noble choice

solid wood floor is the floor decoration material formed after drying and processing of wood, which basically maintains the natural pattern of logs, with comfortable feet and safe use. In today's era of advocating nature and returning to nature, solid wood flooring is particularly favored by medium - and high-end home users

due to different tree species, the price of solid wood flooring will vary greatly, generally between 200 ~ 400 yuan/square meter, which is nearly 1000 yuan expensive. From the perspective of market trends, the price of solid wood flooring continues to rise due to the lack of log materials, and families who choose solid wood flooring also relatively belong to the "strength group"

the disadvantages of solid wood flooring are easy to deform, complex installation, difficult to take care of, expensive and high maintenance cost; In contrast, the solid wood composite floor is made of interlaced plates of different tree species. Therefore, it overcomes the shortcomings of the solid wood floor, which is unidirectional and isotropic. The dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small, and has good dimensional stability. It also retains the natural grain and comfortable foot feel of the solid wood floor, while the cost performance is greatly improved. It is suitable for families who pay attention to face and economy

laminate flooring: solid and durable, economical choice

laminate flooring is made of impregnated paper adhesive film veneer laminated with high-density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard or particleboard as the substrate, and the surface is covered with aluminum oxide (Al2O3) wear-resistant layer. Its characteristics are neat surface patterns, wear-resistant, easy maintenance, simple installation, which relatively caters to the fast-paced, relaxed and concise lifestyle of modern people

the main material of laminate flooring comes from artificial fast-growing forests, and the general price ranges from more than 70 yuan to 200 yuan per square meter. Cost effective, very affordable for ordinary families. The disadvantage is that the foot feels hard

when purchasing laminate flooring, there are several basic precautions: first, check whether the wood fiber of the floor is fine; Second, smell. Good base material has wood fragrance, which is not pungent or dazzling; In addition, comprehensive consideration should be given to the design, color, thickness and other aspects

in terms of brand selection of laminate flooring, hongnai and Shengxiang are all second to none brands in the market



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