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As we all know, the door and window industry is known as the last bonus cake of the household industry. However, at the end of 2017, all aluminum furniture suddenly appeared, setting off a new wave in the home furnishing industry

in 2017, the two most important keywords in the household industry are cross-border and listing. Especially in the customization industry, these two keywords have developed in full swing. Shangpin home furnishing was listed in March last year. Sofia and schneiman home appliances have developed the door and window industry across the border. The well-known wood door enterprise Shangpin true color also announced its entry into the door and window industry at the end of the year. Therefore, the door and window industry is known as the last bonus cake of the home industry. However, at the end of 2017, all aluminum furniture suddenly appeared, setting off a new wave in the home furnishing industry

set off a boom in all aluminum furniture

on December 15, 2017, the inaugural meeting of the all aluminum customized furniture special committee of the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce was officially established, marking that the all aluminum furniture industry is gradually on the right track. On December 16, the all aluminum customized home industry seminar held by Guangdong customized home association and gnidi focused on the future development direction of all aluminum customized home. At the 8th China (Guangzhou) customized home exhibition from March 28 to 30, 2018, the all aluminum customized home brand will make an amazing appearance

with the increasing attention of the industry, all aluminum furniture began to officially enter people's vision. In the current household industry, the market share of wood furniture is relatively high, because the Chinese people have a long history of using wood furniture, and it has become a complex for wood furniture. However, as some illegal enterprises use low-quality wood, and there is formaldehyde problem in wood furniture. All aluminum furniture has gradually become popular in the market. Compared with the segmented all aluminum furniture, the market performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows is more brilliant, which has already reached a market profit of more than 100 million, and is steadily rising year by year. With the aluminum alloy door and window market, the market advantage of all aluminum furniture is more prominent

wealth opportunity under the trend of environmental protection

environmental protection tax will be levied on January 1, 2018, and household enterprises that do not save energy and environmental protection will face major reforms. Under such a severe policy, all aluminum furniture has once again been pushed onto the wave of the market. With the natural advantage of formaldehyde free, aluminum furniture has gradually become familiar with consumers. In addition, compared with wood furniture, aluminum furniture also has advantages in price. Cheap price is not the selling point of aluminum furniture in essence, because with the sudden change of industry technology, the wood grain transfer technology, fluorocarbon technology and spraying technology used in aluminum furniture have made people begin to have a good impression on aluminum furniture that confuses the fake with the real

business opportunities: Weiye aluminum furniture launched a heavy attack

under the situation of the strong market momentum of all aluminum furniture and doors and windows, Weiye aluminum furniture quickly opened the home market with solid enterprise strength, especially with the strong brand foundation of Weiye doors and windows and Weiye aluminum materials. So far, Weiye aluminum furniture has ushered in its 25th anniversary celebration, and won the national contract and credit enterprise in 2016, the enterprise technology center was recognized as a national laboratory by CNAs, the first government quality award of Nanhai District in 2017, the quality award of Foshan Municipal Government in 2017, and other honors. Guangdong Weiye group has identified the development trend of all aluminum furniture, and in 2017, it announced to officially enter the all aluminum furniture market, relying on Weiye's mature production chain, and comprehensively expand the aluminum furniture customization market

at the 25th anniversary celebration of Weiye, the grand opening of Weiye headquarters Exhibition Center showed the new charm of Weiye aluminum furniture on site. According to Li Weiping, deputy general manager of Guangdong Weiye group, the aluminum home furnishing industry chain of Weiye has matured. Relying on the online platform of Weiye shopping, it is built to connect with the laying of offline experience halls, and customization, production, distribution and installation are in place in one step. Weiye is rich in all aluminum furniture products. So far, it has developed all aluminum furniture products, including all aluminum TV cabinets, cabinets, wine cabinets/dining cabinets, wardrobe, bed/bedside cabinets, office desks, shoe cabinets and so on

in the future home furnishing market, all aluminum furniture is bound to occupy a certain market share with its own advantages and the continuous breakthrough of existing technology. Especially now that all aluminum furniture is gradually developing, it depends on who becomes the first person to eat crabs

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