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At present, with the growth of China's middle class and high-income population, the consumer demand and consumption goals of Chinese consumers are facing the process of transformation and upgrading. Dishwashers, an "imported product", have gradually entered Chinese families. According to the data of ovitas, the online sales of dishwashers in January April 2018 were 48600, and the online sales of dishwashers in January April 2017 were 42000, with the sales quota of 260million in 2017 and 285million in 2018; The rapid growth shows that consumers increasingly recognize dishwashers, which has also accelerated the development of the dishwasher industry

in recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of the household appliance industry, the intelligence and health of most enterprise products have been regarded as selling points hype, and there is no standard basis, so that false publicity and fake and inferior products have prevailed, which has harmed the interests of regulating enterprises and consumers; Honesty and trustworthiness are the basic rules of business. The national administrative department has always taken cracking down on fake and shoddy products as the main goal of regulating the market, and took increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands as the national strategy, so as to improve the quality level of consumer goods. The National Technical Committee for standardization of household appliances has also strengthened the formulation and revision of performance standards, and emphasized the grading of the main performance indicators of the standards, so that the price of goods is based on quality, and the emergence of fake and shoddy products is eliminated from the original

Cohen dishwasher is the product of the upgrading stage of the kitchen electrical industry; In order to adapt to the high-end development direction of China's home appliance market, Cohen daxili intelligent dishwasher qc-k102 has achieved the first mover in dishwasher products with innovative ideas and product design. Consumers can freely choose the dishwashing mode according to the dirt of tableware; Quadruple cleaning system helps users easily face all kinds of greasy dishes; A heavy independent soft water system prevents scale condensation; The second powerful cleaning system adopts single axis double rotation S-shaped spray arm to pressurize and spray, with 360 ° full coverage and scouring, so as to easily remove stubborn oil stains; The third filter system, a new three-layer high-efficiency filter screen, separates the sewage residue layer by layer; The fourth residual temperature drying technology system, 99.99% strong sterilization, effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and avoid secondary pollution

the continuous improvement of the product categories and the orderly development of the continuous improvement of quality of Cohen appliances have also promoted the technological progress of Cohen appliances; In order to prove that the real achievements of Cohen appliances are not hype, each product of Cohen appliances has passed a series of product certification, which is guaranteed; The same is true of the dishwashers recently launched. In July 2018, Cohen dishwashers passed a series of certification, including product type test, initial factory inspection, post certification supervision, and so on, which are in line with the certification specifications, which is enough to prove that the performance and quality of Cohen electrical products have been technically guaranteed and continue to be in the forefront of the industry




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