Furniture paint process, color repair and spraying

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Furniture painting is actually a very critical process, which directly determines the quality of furniture. Therefore, if you are in a furniture factory, this procedure alone has to go through several inspection procedures. Next, we might as well take a closer look at the specific process flow of furniture painters

I. furniture sanding

sanding is the prelude to the quality of the whole paint. The quality of sanding directly affects the later quality of the whole product. It is also one of the indispensable processes in the paint workshop. Before the sand inspection of the product, the previous process of the product needs to be inspected, and the places with deep texture, small missing corners or local small peeling need to be scraped. Then use the flat sanding machine to grind the flat products with 240 # sandpaper. Some products that cannot be operated by the machine can be grinded by hand or self-made tools. After grinding, use 400 × sandpaper for secondary grinding until it meets the quality acceptance standard of this process

II. Furniture rubbing

the purpose of rubbing is to better show the texture of the material, properly correct the color difference of the material, and improve the efficiency of color correction. In the process of wiping, the operator needs to be able to accurately distinguish different color differences. If there is a large color difference, it needs to be re colored or toned until the colors match. However, it should be noted that each product must thoroughly wipe the floating color in the process of wiping color, so as not to cause the color difference between products

III. furniture primer coating

the purpose of spraying primer is to increase the thickness of furniture paint film and improve the flatness in the next process. Generally, the fully enclosed type is most widely used in the furniture industry. Normally, the fully enclosed type is sprayed with primer three times. How can the decoration save more money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. But each time, the next process is needed to grind. The quality requirements from paint mixing to spraying are very high. Generally, the first coating is not required to be too thick during the operation, but the subsequent coating should be sprayed evenly with the increase of the number of times. There should be no sagging

IV. furniture oil mill

the quality requirements of oil mill are very high. The grinding effect directly affects the quality of the next few processes. Oil mill is also the process with the most defects in the furniture paint production process

v. furniture color trimming

the biggest advantage of color trimming on products is that the color of each product can be sprayed consistently. It is best to spray plane work products (such as countertops, facades, etc.) four times, that is, two crosses. The color requirements of the side and the front should be consistent. The products of the opposite side operation (such as dining chairs and cabinets) should be sprayed once first where it is not easy to spray. The combined parts should be within the range of gun collection, and there should be no color difference of repeated colors. Color plate comparison is required after the spraying operation of each product. The handover can be carried out only after the color is consistent

VI. surface oil spraying in the process of furniture manufacturing

surface oil is the last process in the paint manufacturing process, and it is also the last pass in the furniture manufacturing process of the whole product. The quality of surface oil spraying mainly includes the following two factors, environmental factors and human factors. Environmental factors refer to that the environmental sanitation in the spray room is not clean enough, resulting in too many particles after the paint is dry, which makes it feel bad. Human factors refer to uneven spraying, sagging, parts that have not been sprayed and rough parts of the oil paint surface





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