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The Shenzhen home textile exhibition ended successfully before. Huiya media had the honor to interview Mr. Xu Yue, general manager of Shantou times sunshine curtain products Co., Ltd. In the interview, president Xu introduced the products of this exhibition and the future development plan of the company to the reporter

Huiya media exclusive interview with Xu Yue, general manager of Shantou times sunshine curtain supplies Co., Ltd

China softwear: Hello, Mr. Xu, what products did your company bring to the exhibition

president Xu: this exhibition mainly focuses on curtain rods and curtain pendants. The products of the company's "easy pull" brand have a wide range of products, which are matched for the overall soft clothing. Products that are market-oriented and cater to different consumption channels and different consumer levels and consumer needs in the current market

China softwear: at present, many enterprises take the initiative to attract investment. Do you have any other measures in this regard

president Xu: in view of the current situation, especially the arrival of the Internet era, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The company is confident to meet the challenges. The product system and service system of the market are all areas that the company needs to improve next

China softwear: do you think there is any difference between high-end products and other traditional products in terms of market promotion

President Xu: Based on years of market practice, the company has also developed product groups at different levels, especially focusing on the optimization of functionality and overall performance

China softwear: attracting customers may be more aimed at attracting new customers. The maintenance of old customers may mainly depend on service. What are your experiences in service

Mr. Xu: for so many years, the company has been based on the principle of customer first, maintaining old customers, helping them expand the market, leading new customers to deeply understand the essence of the company's products and the times over the years, and helping new customers open the market

China soft clothing: what is the next development plan of time sunshine

President Xu: in the next three years, the company will meet the changes and needs of the market and improve an online promotion and offline service system, so that we and dealers can achieve a win-win situation





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