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Hubei large truck lighting lamp category ranking

Hubei large truck lighting lamp category ranking

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Hubei large truck lighting lamp category ranking

thermal resistance refers to the thermal resistance between the PN junction and the shell surface, that is, the ratio of the temperature difference along the heat flow channel to the power dissipated on the channel. Junction temperature refers to the temperature of the PN junction of the LED. Most LED lighting sources still use LED beads with low voltage and high current. Due to the high heat during operation, aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity must be used. There are usually die-casting aluminum radiator, extruded aluminum radiator and stamping aluminum radiator. Die casting can help promote product innovation and provide strong support for the development of smaller equipment. Aluminum radiator is a technology of pressure casting parts. Liquid zinc copper aluminum alloy is poured into the feeding port of the die casting machine, and the shape of radiator defined by the designed mold is cast by the die casting machine. According to the type of lamps and lanterns, the commonly used LED voice controlled lamps in the current market include: LED voice controlled wind and fire wheel, led voice controlled bulb lamp, led voice controlled sunflower, etc

the quality of the coating mainly depends on the crystalline structure of the metal deposition layer. Generally speaking, the finer the crystalline structure, the denser and smoother the coating, and the higher the protective performance. This fine crystalline coating is called "microcrystalline deposit". It is pointed out that a good electroplating layer should have fine, smooth, uniform and continuous coating crystallization, and should not have defects such as pollutants, chemical residues, spots, black spots, scorching, roughness, pitting, cracks, delamination, blistering, peeling and wrinkling, coating peeling, yellowing, crystalline coating, and local absence of coating. Extruded aluminum radiator is a radiator that extrudes liquid aluminum through a fixed die, and then cuts the bar into the required shape through machining. The later processing cost is high. Extruded aluminum radiator. The heat dissipation wing can be made many and very thin, and the heat dissipation area can be expanded to the largest extent. When the heat dissipation wing works, it automatically forms air convection and diffusion heat, and the heat dissipation effect is good. Plastic clad aluminum radiator is a kind of radiator with aluminum core and plastic shell for heat conduction. The thermal conductive plastic and the aluminum heat dissipation core are formed on the injection molding machine at one time, and the aluminum heat dissipation core is an embedded part, which needs to be machined in advance. The heat of LED lamp beads is rapidly transmitted to heat-conducting plastics through the aluminum heat dissipation core. The heat-conducting plastics use its multi wings to form air convection heat dissipation, and use its surface to radiate some heat. The reading of the ammeter is the reverse current of the LED lamp being measured. It is the same as measuring the forward voltage. Because the resistance of LED is large when it is turned on in reverse, the internal connection method of ammeter is adopted

there are directional and regional restrictions on the luminous angle. If you want to form the same light shape as the traditional light source, you can only add lenses and light guide devices; Or three-dimensional distribution of LED light beads. High thermal conductivity plastic radiator can design many precise cooling wings, which can be made many and very thin, and the cooling area can be expanded to the largest extent. When the cooling wings work, they automatically form air convection and diffusion heat, which has a good cooling effect. The heat of LED lamp beads is directly sent to the cooling wing through high thermal conductivity plastic, and quickly dissipated through air convection and surface radiation

another type in Hubei can be composed of microphone, audio amplifier, frequency selection circuit, voltage doubling rectifier circuit, amplitude discrimination circuit, constant voltage source circuit, delay opening circuit, controllable delay switch circuit and silicon controlled circuit. Its function can realize that when the lamp is activated by sound, the lamp is fully on. When there is no sound or the sound can not meet the lamp activation requirements, it can maintain low power operation, such as 15W voice controlled LED fluorescent lamp, only w when it is not activated. The price of LED lamp is close to that of ordinary LED lamp, which reduces the operation cost, has a high return on investment, and has achieved remarkable results. The withstand voltage grade of high thermal conductive plastic can reach 6000V AC, which is suitable for non disconnector constant current power supply and hvled high-voltage linear constant current power supply. This kind of LED lighting fixture is easy to pass CE, Tu and print test reports V, UL and other strict safety inspection. Hvled enterprises use high voltage and low current working conditions for their production, which reduces the heating of hvled lamp beads. Traditional injection molding and extrusion machines are used for high thermal conductivity plastic radiators. One time forming, high finish of finished products. The production efficiency is greatly improved, and the modeling design is flexible, which can give full play to the designer's design concept. The high thermal conductivity plastic radiator is polymerized by PLA (corn starch) together with "the first wonderful world", which is fully degraded, free of residue and chemical pollution. The production process is free of any heavy metal pollution, sewage and waste gas, and meets the requirements of global environmental protection. Traditional fluorescent lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor, which will volatilize into the atmosphere if broken

in fact, it is not just LED lamps. The power supply of all lamps must be grounded. There are two main reasons. In case the lamp has leakage, the ground wire can lead the current to the earth to avoid electric shock. The lamp filter circuit needs the ground wire to lead the interference and clutter signals to the earth. If the ground wire is not connected, the lamp status may be unstable, and even the DMX signal may be interfered, resulting in the failure of lamp control. Led sound control lamp is a kind of sound control electronic lighting device installed in LED lamps Its vitality is better than that of metal radiator. The high thermal conductivity plastic radiator is resistant to high temperature, does not crack and deform at 150 ℃ for five hours, and is applied in combination with the high-voltage linear constant current IC drive scheme. It does not need electrolytic capacitors and large volume inductors, which greatly improves the service life of the whole LED lamp. The non isolated power supply scheme has high efficiency and low cost. It is especially suitable for the application of fluorescent tubes and high-power industrial and mining lamps

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