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Shandong glass manufacturers ranking Shandong glass enterprises

with the continuous development of Shandong glass, Shandong glass enterprises are also increasing rapidly, so the ranking of Shandong glass manufacturers is the main reference for the insiders. Here is a summary of Shandong glass manufacturers

Shandong glass manufacturer 1: tempered glass Dezhou Jindun Glass Co., Ltd.

Dezhou Jindun Glass Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. The production plant covers an area of more than 12000 square meters. It has large-scale and modern glass deep processing production equipment at home and abroad: it can produce flat and curved tempered glass, laminated glass, hollow glass, fire-proof, bullet proof, explosion-proof and super large plate glass for construction; The annual processing and production capacity has reached more than 500000 square meters, and the products have obtained the national quality certification, 3C certification and the hollow (curtain wall) glass Filing Certificate issued by the Provincial Construction Machinery Association

in 2015, the company further expanded its scale and successively introduced advanced production equipment and technology, which can process colored glaze (wire printing 1800*3600), double curved steel (spherical) and curved steel sandwich (including Low-E), curved steel sandwich of various radians and shapes, and double silver and three silver Low-E glass products Click to view more

Shandong glass manufacturers II: Shandong Beige Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

was established in October, 2013 with a registered capital of 41.35 million yuan, specializing in the processing of Low-E glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, colored glaze glass, computer color ink printing glass, fireproof glass, etc. the company now has 120 employees, 2 tempered glass production lines, 3 insulating glass production lines There are 2 laminated glass production lines, 2 imported glass cutting machines, 1 set of imported computer color ink printing equipment, 1 full-automatic silk printing color glaze glass production line, 1 large coated glass production line, 10 sets of various edging and punching equipment, and 1 set of glass water knife. With an annual output of 1.5 million square meters of tempered glass, 1.1 million square meters of hollow glass, 1.1 million square meters of laminated glass, 6million square meters of low radiation coated glass, 50000 pieces of color ink printing glass and 150000 square meters of color glazed glass Click to view more

Shandong glass manufacturers 3: Laiwu Huaxu Glass Co., Ltd.

Laiwu Huaxu Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional glass deep-processing enterprise with strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect testing equipment and reliable product quality. It is a large enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Since its establishment, it has successively launched Low-E glass, insulating glass, tempered glass, colored glaze glass, fire-proof glass, flat bending laminated glass, small radius bending steel glass and hyperboloid glass. Painted glass, coated glass of various colors

at present, the company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of energy-saving Low-E coated glass. It has introduced many sets of equipment with international advanced level, such as Low-E coated glass production line, double chamber strong convection tempered glass production line, full-automatic glass cutting machine, full-automatic glass edging machine, full-automatic hollow glass production line and so on. The annual production of various types of glass products can reach millions of square meters Click to view more

Shandong tianyuanbang Glass Co., Ltd.

in addition to expanding production capacity, Shandong tianyuanbang Glass Co., Ltd. is located in the east section of North Ring Road, Juye County, Shandong Province. It covers an area of more than 60000 square meters and has a plant of more than 20000 square meters. It is a large manufacturer of various glass deep processing. Our main products are tempered glass, insulating glass, silk screen glass, furniture, home appliances, bathroom and architecture. In line with the principle of "reputation first, quality leading" to develop the enterprise Click to view more

Shandong glass manufacturers 5: Linqu Chenshi Liangjie glass equipment Co., Ltd.

a manufacturer specializing in laminated glass equipment and glass loading table. On march17,2015, the glass loading platform and the laminated glass equipment and are the products independently developed by the company, which have independent intellectual property rights. The company has a strong design personnel, production technicians, installation and commissioning team, advanced equipment technology, overall planning the performance, safety, aesthetics and value of the vehicle, humanized operation design, convenient operation, high production efficiency, saving more than 30% of energy than similar products. With small floor area, less investment and quick effect, it is an ideal product for investment in glass deep processing industry

the equipment can produce single-layer reinforced laminated glass, ordinary dry laminated glass, photo reinforced laminated glass, color laminated glass, wire glass, bulletproof glass, multi-layer laminated glass, polycrystalline glass, paint glass, special-shaped laminated glass, dimming glass, decorative glass, automotive laminated glass, heat transfer glass, glass corner guards, porcelain plates, fabric reinforced glass, wedding photo studio Crystal photo, etc.> Click to view more

the rankings of Shandong glass factories have been introduced to you in the above content. I believe you have a detailed understanding. If you want to see more rankings of glass factories, you are welcome to click global glass to view more

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