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Random talk on market investigation of barrel making industry in Xinjiang

the author often travels to various domestic barrel making enterprises and thinks that he has a good understanding of the domestic barrel making industry. However, a recent investigation in Xinjiang has opened my eyes. Through nearly ten days' investigation in Xinjiang, we found that the development of the barrel industry in Xinjiang is surprisingly good. There is no doubt that the development of the barrel industry in Xinjiang has been in the forefront of the same industry in the country as a whole. He not only represents the development direction of the industry, but also makes us full of confidence in the development of the steel barrel industry

I. market development

the barrel product market in Xinjiang is relatively specialized, mainly focusing on the two major products of cone-shaped open barrel and medium open asphalt barrel, which is also a new development trend in recent years. Due to the relatively developed and popular petrochemical industry in Xinjiang, the use of steel barrels in petrochemical industry has always maintained a steady momentum of development. As Xinjiang has the largest number of open ports in China (15 open land ports), foreign trade is becoming more and more frequent. In addition, the processing industry of a large number of high-quality tomatoes and ketchup is developed, and there is a great demand for 200 liter conical open barrels. It is estimated that the total demand for conical barrels used for tomato sauce packaging in Xinjiang this year is more than 1.5 million. In addition, due to the needs of a large number of road construction and construction industry development in China in recent years, the demand for asphalt has greatly increased, while the consumption of new asphalt (Jinshi asphalt) is larger, so it is required to use conical barrels for packaging, and ordinary asphalt has also begun to use conical barrels for packaging. The energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, which is undoubtedly the development direction. In Xinjiang, we have seen a large number of conical barrels for asphalt packaging, which is said to be very convenient for field application. The demand for asphalt barrels in Xinjiang is about 1million each year. The total demand for other closed barrels is also about 1million

for most of the barrel factories in China, the above data sounds very frightening, but it is true. We should know that there are 26 barrel enterprises in Xinjiang at present, and there are 6 barrel enterprises visited this time, with a total output of more than 2million, which can be seen from the market situation

II. Enterprise development

most of the barrel making enterprises in Xinjiang are located in Northern Xinjiang, because the petrochemical industry in Northern Xinjiang is relatively developed. However, at present, tomato production in southern Xinjiang is relatively developed, so some barrel factories simply moved their factories to southern Xinjiang. The overall development of the enterprise is better than that of other provinces in the mainland. They pay attention to technological transformation, and the production capacity of the whole line of equipment is reasonable and complete. In recent years, the main investment direction has focused on the post-treatment and paint drying equipment, which has greatly improved the production capacity and product quality

in Miquan City, Xinjiang Changde packaging container manufacturing Co., Ltd. imported Swiss and Italian equipment for the middle section equipment, and Beijing Hangfeng equipment for the rear section cleaning, painting and drying. The whole line is designed and matched scientifically. The number and internal size of the inlet 1, lower end ring, connecting ring and intermediate ring should ensure that the production capacity of the mouth line can be flexibly rotated between the rings has been brought into full play, and the quality is stable. At present, the company has a stable daily output of 6000~7000 barrels, The total number of people in the company is 160. The company has been in production for three years with a total investment of nearly 20 million yuan. It has become the largest steel barrel production enterprise in China

in Dushanzi City, Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has two completely independent 200 liter steel barrel production lines, one for cylindrical steel barrels and the other for conical barrels. The front and middle section equipment are commonly used domestically. Four 150 seam welding machines have been improved with good results. The cleaning, painting and drying equipment for the rear section is produced by Beijing Hangfeng. As of June 20, the company has produced 300000 barrels, and its goal this year is to complete 700000 barrels. The total number of employees in the two production lines is only about 100

the barrel factory of Xinjiang Karamay Konka Co., Ltd. is located in Karamay, Xinjiang. Its products are mainly 200 liter asphalt barrels, all of which are made in China. Beijing Hangfeng equipment is also used in the subsequent process. At present, the stable annual quantity is 300000. Most of the products are used by Karamay refinery

the metal packaging container factory of Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise in Urumqi. It has a complete steel drum production line. Except that the seam welding machine was imported from kalandow, the United States ten years ago, the rest are domestic equipment. In particular, the rear cleaning and coating equipment are coordinated at a high speed, which greatly improves the output. It mainly produces cone barrels and asphalt barrels, with an annual output of about 300000

in order to develop the enterprise, Changji Xinxin Metal Container Co., Ltd., after annexing Manas Barrel Factory, moved the equipment to Yanqi, southern Xinjiang, and established a branch factory. The branch factory rented the plant of tomato sauce factory for direct production and supply. In the tensile and shear test, there are 7 tomato sauce factories waiting for supply near Korla, which stop between the moving beam and the upper beam. The equipment is made in China, and the annual output of the branch plant is 300000. The original output of Changji is 200000

Xinjiang Bazhou tractor factory, located in southern Xinjiang, has closed down due to poor management. The barrel factory is only a workshop of the factory, with domestic equipment and complete supporting facilities. Unfortunately, the workshop has been closed and has not been seen

III. equipment and production configuration

1. Cone expander

cone barrel is a new product gradually developed in China in recent years. The main production lines are concentrated in Xinjiang, and its main equipment is barrel cone expander. Originally, people only knew that Xi'an Machinery Research Institute produced cone expanders. When we visited Xinjiang, there were really a wide variety of them everywhere

Xinjiang Changde packaging container manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts the cone expander imported from Italy, which is vertical with 16 pieces of expansion speed and 16 barrels per minute

Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has strong design and processing ability. After visiting the production line of Changde company, it has designed and manufactured a vertical cone expander. Its shape and principle are similar to Changde equipment. It produces 3 barrels per minute. Due to its slow speed, it is conducive to plastic forming, and the process quality is good. At present, in order to increase the output, the second cone expander is being installed and will be put into production in the near future. The equipment has reasonable design and good performance, but the equipment is bulky and slightly cumbersome, which is difficult to match with most horizontal production lines in China, and the labor intensity is high

Changji Xinxin Metal Container Co., Ltd. has used the horizontal cone expander produced by Dalian Machinery Research Institute. It has been produced for more than three years (nearly 1million barrels). It is said that the equipment is stable, the quality is reliable, and there are few problems. The speed is four per minute. From the appearance and production, the design is reasonable. It is reasonable to match with horizontal production line

the metal packaging container factory of Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. uses a self-made horizontal cone expander for production, with a speed of three per minute. There are many disadvantages in the design of the equipment. First, the large end of the expansion block is outside, which increases the cantilever moment of the expansion block of the equipment, resulting in poor stress; Second, the number of expansion blocks is 12, and the bulged barrel body has obvious edges and corners. Although the equipment runs smoothly and can meet the production requirements, the design defects are obvious

Xinjiang Bazhou tractor factory adopts the horizontal cone expander produced by Xi'an Machinery Research Institute, because the factory has closed down, the workshop has been sealed, and the equipment has not been seen. However, according to liuyugui, the plant director, the equipment has been running well in the plant, producing 200000 bulging barrels in total

throughout all bulging machines, the principle is hydraulic transmission. The mechanical part is the same as the hoop expander, and the conical expansion block structure is adopted. The structure and principle of the equipment are relatively simple, so whether it is self-made or purchased, the use situation is good. Compared with the three in one equipment, the structure and system of the machine are much simpler

2. Rib expander

since there is a large rib at 100mm from the upper part of the conical barrel to the barrel mouth, a rib expander is required. Most of the machines use domestic ordinary rib expanders, but there is only one bar in the barrel. In order not to interfere with the production of ordinary 200 liter steel barrels, another one is generally set for special use

all 200 liter steel drums produced in Xinjiang have no corrugation

3. Internal coating equipment

all barrel manufacturing enterprises in Xinjiang have complete steel barrel cleaning and coating production lines. Generally, it includes internal and external cleaning of barrel body and barrel bottom cover, drying of inner coating and outer coating of barrel bottom cover, drying of inner coating and outer coating of barrel body

there are slight differences among factories according to different products and output. For example, Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. uses the barrel bottom to roll and seal, and carries out internal and external painting at the same station in the same paint booth at the same time, which has a high production efficiency. Xinjiang Changde packaging container manufacturing Co., Ltd. has two stations in the same paint booth to finish the internal and external coating of the barrel body and barrel bottom after being sealed. The barrel body is dried, the barrel cover is coated internally and the barrel cover is coated externally. The process connection is reasonable, the production efficiency is high and the quality is good. If the requirements for interior coating of ordinary food (such as honey) are considered, pvf4 and hammer handle strength tester shall be applied internally: the temperature of such coating is required to be high (generally at 260 ℃), and the interior and exterior cannot be baked at the same time. Considering the requirements of closed inner coating barrel, it is not allowed to apply inner coating after the barrel bottom is sealed. In consideration of the small investment, a line is generally applied to the bottom and cover of the barrel, and a line is applied to the barrel body. The drying temperature is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of all internally coated barrels

electrostatic painting equipment has been completely eliminated in Xinjiang painting, and high-voltage airless painting has been adopted, which has the advantages of fast speed, good quality and saving paint. The drying equipment adopts oil and gas heating, which has good effect and low cost. There is an air cooling section at the end of the drying furnace used. After about 10 fans are used to blow the barrel, the paint film is dried in time, cured well, and does not stick to hands or peel off paint

IV. process conditions

1. Barrel mouth curling process

Xinjiang Changde packaging container manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts Italian imported equipment. While the barrel body mold is flanging, the barrel mouth is curled. The effect is excellent. The metal container factory of Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. imitated the process of Changde company and achieved success. At present, most domestic manufacturers roll the edge (pipe) when sealing the back, and the effect can not reach the quality and appearance of the die edge. Die flanging is a new process, which has just appeared in China. It is a new process brought to us by imported equipment. It is not only simple, but also reliable and of good quality

2. Separation of barrel hoop production

the open barrel hoops of most barrel factories in Xinjiang are outsourced and plated. As a result, the production process of barrel making is greatly simplified, which not only improves the product quality, but also saves the cost and ensures the supply

3. Seam welding problems

whether imported or domestic seam welding machines are used, the original lap size cannot be used to expand the taper smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the 150 seam welding machine, otherwise the expansion and cracking will be very serious. At present, the domestic modified welding machine can fully meet the welding requirements of expanding cone

now Shanghai Meida welding equipment Co., Ltd. cooperates with the barrel making branch to modify the 150 welding machine for the barrel making factory, with low price and high quality

4. Packaging and transportation

conical barrels are transported on pallets, which are owned by tomato sauce factories. When empty barrels are packed, each 12 barrels shall be packed in a stack, and each pallet shall be packed in four stacks. In order to wipe off the paint film on the barrel body due to stacking between barrels, Changde company initially put a plastic foam block in each barrel so that the upper barrel and the lower barrel are not too close. However, due to the cost problem, the problem is well solved by placing plastic clips at the barrel mouth

in a pallet barrel, the stacks are separated by 10mm thick and 100 ~ 200mm wide plastic foam plates, and the external use is large

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