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Polyurethane industry ranking - dmf

polyurethane industry ranking - dmf


at the beginning of this year, DMF was running smoothly. Since March, DMF has entered a continuous downturn. The overall imbalance between supply and demand is an important reason for the overall collapse of DMF market prices. The market price has been falling all the way. It didn't slow down until late May and returned to a stable state. After that, there will be a long dormant period

in terms of supply, China is the world's largest producer of DMF. In 2005, the production capacity of the world's major suppliers of DMF totaled 902000 tons, of which China accounted for 485000 tons. Although the DMF market was low in 2005, the manufacturers' planned expansion work did not stop. Hualu Hengsheng successfully completed the docking of production expansion pipeline in July. The previous production capacity of 100000 tons/year has been expanded to 150000 tons/year, and the daily output has risen to 350 tons/day, threatening Jiangshan's first position in China. On the raw materials, Hualu produces its own methanol, and Jiangshan basically purchases methanol. However, it has the advantage of being close to Wenzhou, a fertile market, to make up for it. In the middle of this year, the price of methanol has fallen frequently, which has also led to subtle changes in the balance of power between suppliers. Henan Anyang, a rising star, has been planning to expand its production. In 2005, the original production capacity was expanded from 20000 tons to 30000 tons. It also has advantages in terms of raw material procurement. Nearby, there is the largest methanol manufacturer in China. Its products are mainly sold in the inland Central Plains, and the arrival volume in the East China market is small. The DMF device with a capacity of 40000 tons/year of Yang Ba project, which took several years to build, also started its trial run in June and was officially put on the market in August. It has first entered the characteristics field of Jinan test gold micro Vickers hardness tester. Yang welcomes your inquiry! The daily output of Pakistan is only t/D, the unit capacity is not fully developed, and the products have been exported. It is expected that the DMF project of Pakistan project will have enough output to compete in the market. Due to various reasons, the DMF equipment with an annual capacity of 30000 tons for the Xinling project of Jiangsu Xinya and Mitsubishi is not expected to participate in the market division this year

due to the squeeze of domestic market, the production and sales in China of foreign manufacturers are also affected. A DMF production line of Samsung in Ulsan, South Korea, stopped production in May and started production again at the end of September. Since May, due to the low domestic market, only a small amount of Mitsubishi Gas from Japan has arrived in South China. It was not until September that the amount of DMF imported into China by Mitsubishi wa bio isoprene, a new raw material produced by fermentation technology from biological raw materials, increased again, and its sales in East China resumed

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