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The second week of "transformation journey" ranked Shanghai, China. In August 2008, moxa created a "transformation journey" game for its converter products. From August to December 2008, you can have a mysterious journey with moxa through this game. As long as you can correctly use the small converter in your hand, you can open the mysterious doors one by one, and have the opportunity to "get" the rich gifts provided by moxa

after two weeks of competition, the results in the second week have been greatly improved compared with those in the first week. It can be seen that the game competition has entered a fierce competition stage. Moxa sincerely hopes that every player can make persistent efforts and achieve better results

ranking of results in the second week of the conversion trip (top 10)

note: the ranking of results in the first week of the conversion trip

moxa will announce the top 100 players and results of the first stop in mid September (when the second stop goes online), and players will receive a beautiful small gift from moxa. Moxa wishes all players good results

please log in to moxa Chinese station: looking for the door of the transformation journey, starting to play mysteriously and at the same time, especially the plastic parts. Have you got a new understanding of the concrete pressure testing machine? I hope the above brief introduction can help you! Expert committees, industry associations, alliances and other strength tours

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