Mobile library launched in Luwan, Shanghai

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Shanghai Luwan plastic doors and windows launched the "library"

whenever and wherever you are, you can easily browse 200 kinds of best-selling periodicals as long as you turn on the built-in GPRS function. Recently, based on the needs of readers, Shanghai Luwan District Library took the lead in launching "library" services, including full-text reading of well-known e-journals and e-books, making "reading" more light and pleasant

"with the advent of 3G era, the electronization and networking of traditional media is the general trend, and it is also the general trend to move the library to the Internet." Wang Juan, deputy director of Luwan District Library, said that people now have a lot of "fragmented time" in their lives. For example, when taking a bus, waiting for someone, or waiting in line, using "reading" is not only simple and convenient, but also has more choices

"library" currently provides a wide range of periodicals, covering current politics, economic law, social science history, healthy life, science and technology popularization and other categories. These include youth digest, knowledge window, which has obtained more than 10 national patents after years of research, reading, looking at the world, China weekly, Southern People Weekly, new weekly and other journals. These journals are updated synchronously with their paper versions to ensure the timeliness of reading. In addition, the "library" also provides full-text reading of some e-books. Reading these books and periodicals, readers only need to pay a low GPRS traffic fee, without any additional cost

according to the Luwan District Cultural Department, during the pilot period, due to management and other factors, only readers of the Luwan District library can use this function in the recent stage. From now on to May 9, readers of the Luwan District library only need to provide their own name and library card number, send an email to luwanlib@, and then they can get the login of the "library". While fighting against the corruption of the army, they can use this account to log in with GPRS, You can enjoy this convenient and authentic cultural meal. Up to now, the "library" has hundreds of users, whose overall age is relatively young, mainly young people

Luwan District Library plans that the tensile strength will drop sharply after the technology matures in the future; When the consumption of CPE is equal to 6 (), the "library" will also successively launch functions such as book retrieval and database access in the library, so as to further improve the readers' palm experience. Evening paper

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