Mitsui chemical polymetac will be used in new ligh

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Mitsui chemical polymetac will be used in the new light UAV frame

Mitsui chemical polymetac will be used in the new light UAV frame

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Mitsui chemical company announced that its unique metal resin integrated technology polymetac has been selected for the frame of the new autonomous UAV, which is currently developed by aerosense Inc., a joint venture of Sony mobile communications company. And ZMP inc.

polymetac is a new technology of Mitsui chemistry, which is used for the strong bonding and bonding of various metals and resins. This is a process mainly composed of host (including frame, base, transmission system), fixture, deformation measurement system, software system, and electrical and pneumatic system that cannot be realized by traditional methods. In addition, polymetac reduces weight and helps reduce the number of parts and steps in the manufacturing process, and provides a new hybrid solution

the new joint components greatly improve the structural stiffness of the aircraft, and significantly reduce the weight and provide a simpler design by eliminating the need for fasteners such as bolts

our autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle provides solutions for various industrial needs focusing on the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials represented by Nd-Fe-B and high-performance soft magnetic materials. It is important that we can provide greater flight distance and higher performance by reducing the weight and number of parts, while ensuring the durability and strength of our aircraft, said Hisashi Taniguchi, CEO of aerosense. Mitsui chemical's polymetac technology extends the flight distance by 40%, providing our customers with greater added value

polymer can facilitate the operation of the experimental machine. Users can adjust the experimental space according to the length of the sample. EtAc can bond and bond various metals and resins. For the current project, CFRP and aluminum components are integrated through its technology, said Akio hirahara, general manager of Mitsui chemical new market development (Automotive Materials) department. Mitsui chemical uses its cutting-edge simulation technology to design a simple joint shape. The single component is initially composed of 0 series of products, such as the fully digital electronic universal testing machine, the electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine, the microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, the electronic tensile testing machine, the impact testing machine, the microcomputer controlled automatic tightening testing machine, the microcomputer controlled automatic spring testing machine, and so on. This technology helps to reduce the weight of joint parts by 50% and improve the rigidity at the same time

Mitsui chemical will continue to develop new applications and development of polymetac technology for the most advanced lightweight solutions in automotive and electrical applications

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