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The Dutch company developed a mobile concrete 3D printer

the Dutch company developed a mobile concrete 3D printer

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cyBE RC 3DP, a Dutch construction technology company, launched cyBE RC 3DP, which has fast response. It is a mobile concrete 3D printer that can move on the track. The tank transportation system based on cyBE 3D printer makes it easy to be used for additive manufacturing on site

mobile concrete 3D printer

3D printing of concrete in the construction industry is a growing field of additive manufacturing. Digital concrete deposition systems can now build 3D printed buildings and other large structures. It is exciting that this new generation of additive construction machinery can be found all over the world, and China, the Middle East and Europe are becoming a new hotspot of 3D printing architecture

concrete 3D printing is still in its infancy, and this technology still has some shortcomings. For example, due to the viscosity of the materials involved, concrete 3D printers are usually less accurate than plastic or metal deposition systems. They are generally much slower than other 3D printing systems, and the technology and materials required are too expensive

accuracy and efficiency is a thorny point, but the concrete 3D printer has a bigger problem: mobility. 3D printers are often difficult to move because of their size and the size of the objects they need to print. Buildings and other large structures need to be erected in specific places, not in 3D printing laboratories

mobile concrete 3D printer

all the value and importance of a famous 3D printing construction project show the limitations of concrete 3D printing. Winsun, a Chinese construction company, has built several 3D printing buildings in China, including a huge 3D printing villa and several apartment buildings. But the construction of these buildings is not as magical as you think: due to the limitation of action, the 3D printed concrete wall of the building must be printed on site before transportation, and then transported by truck, which increases the transportation cost of the project

therefore, the goal of many architectural 3D printing companies is to create a 3D printer with mobility (and weather resistance) for on-site 3D printing. Now, cyBE construction, a Dutch construction technology company, claims that it has just made. It is understood that cyBE was founded in 2013 and launched cyBE RC 3DP, which is a rugged 3D printer moving on the track, known as "the world's first mobile 3D concrete printer". It is a 3D printer with fast 3D printing speed and expanded printing range. It can also be regarded as a mobile 3D printer that the construction industry has been waiting for

mobile concrete 3D printer

a mobile concrete 3D printer hydraulic universal experimental machine 1 can generally do twists and stretches, which sounds good, but in reality, is it OK? The company has conducted a large number of tests to prove this. The company claims that, among other things, RC 3DP can create high walls, on-site sewer pits, floors, abutments and formwork, all of which are cheaper and shorter than traditional construction methods. "3D concrete printers can improve the quality of products, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and waste, and be more environmentally friendly," the company said in a statement

perhaps the most important part of RC 3DP is its tank track, which can be used to move 3D printers in rugged terrain. By bringing the concrete 3D printer into the center of the construction site, the construction company can theoretically save a lot of transportation costs, instead of bringing the assembled slab or structure to the construction site to improve the deformation resistance of the materials and bring the raw materials to the off-site construction area, and only need to send the raw materials to the construction site for 3D printing

mobile concrete 3D printer

cybe RC 3DP can move vertically: the expandable chassis allows the concrete 3D printer to adjust its printing range on the Z axis. This function, together with the average printing speed of 200 mm per second (maximum speed: 600 mm per second), makes the new 3D printer a top force. The "11.15" catastrophic fire in hard Shanghai and the fire in the distribution building of CCTV new site are largely related to improper construction. The package (mobile manipulator, mixing pump system, control unit and interface), proprietary software (cyBE artisan and chisel), and special concrete (cyBE mortar) make RC 3DP start to look like a solid 3D printing construction project foundation

in the first quarter of 2017, cyBE will transport mobile concrete 3D printers to Dubai to print r drone Laboratory for dewa. CyBE will be responsible for the design and on-site production of 3D concrete buildings

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