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Mitsui chemical will build the world's largest polypropylene plant.

Mitsui chemical plans to add the world's largest synthetic resin (polypropylene) production equipment in Osaka next September, with an annual capacity of 300000 metric tons and an investment of 12billion yen. The addition of equipment will save 20% of the previous operating costs after deep research on the production of experimental machines. This is Japan's largest investment in polypropylene production equipment in the past five years

by 2004, Japan will gradually reduce tariffs on imported polypropylene. Therefore, Japanese products will face fierce competition with foreign products. Mitsui chemical increased its investment in large-scale equipment in order to improve production efficiency and fight against foreign imported products

polypropylene is widely used in automobile bumpers and home appliance parts. The new equipment of Mitsui chemical Osaka plant will be constructed by grand polymer company. The smooth agent will migrate from the film to the appearance department, which is also a company invested by Mitsui chemical. The product categories produced by the new equipment will give priority to the production of five products with a wide range of uses. One fifth of the personnel operating mechanical equipment will be saved, and at the same time, the production efficiency will be improved. In this way, the operating cost of billion yen will be saved, that is, the cost of 20 yen per kilogram will be reduced

at present, Mitsui chemical has its own factories in Takashi, Chiba and harashi, Osaka, and the production capacity of polypropylene reaches 670000 metric tons per year. Due to the fact that Jieshi, Gaoshi and other three companies are listed in the German capital market, the small-scale factories have been relatively broken. With the construction of new equipment, they will stop production at the end of 2003. At that time, the annual production capacity of polypropylene of Mitsui chemical will reach 742000 metric tons

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