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Nokia's sluggish performance is still the main theme in the hands of mobile challenges.

Nokia and Microsoft jointly launched Windows Phone 8 flagship smart lumia 920 on September 5 this year. This smart lumia 920, which Nokia has high hopes for, is very popular. It is reported that lumia 920 sold out in Hong Kong, China in about 7 hours. The lumia 920t, launched in cooperation with China Mobile, will be the first Windows Phone in the Chinese market to support TD-SCDMA networks

complementary advantages. The industry is generally optimistic about the cooperation with China Mobile. Nokia president and CEO elop said: I am very happy to cooperate with the world's largest mobile operator. China has always been Nokia's most important market

it is understood that Nokia's lumia 920 launched 920t supporting TD-SCDMA three months after its global launch, which not only set a new record in Nokia's product schedule, but also showed Nokia's attention to China Mobile and the Chinese market

however, elop also admitted that Nokia has become a challenger in the intelligent industry, so it needs to be more innovative and adjust to market demand. Therefore, just for the Chinese market, Nokia made a lot of localization work before the 920t was launched, such as building in popular local applications such as Renren, Weibo, etc

in this regard, the heart of rock, an analyst in the communication industry, told that Nokia's lumia series has indeed brought users a fresh feeling. Users who have used enough Android and iPhone may consider replacing them with two positioning posts fixed under the beam through U-turn bolts. In addition, given that China Mobile currently lacks flagship machines such as lumia 920t, and apple iphone5 has no chance with China Mobile in the short term, cooperating with Nokia can make up for the weakness of China Mobile's lack of star machines

the cooperation between Nokia and China Mobile is simply a win-win situation. Even though lumia 920t is an average product, its demonstration effect cannot be underestimated. Fu Liang, an independent it and telecom analyst, commented on the cooperation between Nokia and China Mobile. On the whole, this is indeed the case. Judging from the fact that two of China's three major operators have been authorized by Apple iphone5, China Mobile urgently needs a high-end flagship to compete with iphone5 to fill the gap of high-end at the end of the year. In fact, Nokia has maintained a good strong cooperation relationship with China Mobile since the 2G era. For Nokia, cooperation with China Mobile can not only increase sales, but also sell lumia 920 and several other Nokia models through mobile business hall and other channels. This amplifier can be automatically zeroed, calibrated and shifted automatically, which is undoubtedly very good for Nokia, which is declining in the Chinese market

in addition, Nokia also has a good brand appeal. In most cities in China, people still recognize Nokia's brand, especially among consumers aged 30-50, Nokia's brand recognition is still very high. Wang Yanhui, Secretary General of the China Alliance, added

poor performance is still the main theme

although the cooperation between Nokia and China Mobile is generally favored by the industry, Nokia's continued performance downturn cannot be concealed

Nokia's financial report for the third quarter of 2012 shows that Nokia's performance in the Chinese market is even worse, in addition to its six consecutive quarters of losses. In the Chinese market, Nokia's sales volume plummeted to 5.8 million from 15.9 million in the same period last year, a year-on-year decrease of 64%. It is understood that in the third quarter, Nokia's sales in China were 278million euros, down 74% year-on-year and 49% month on month. The decline was even worse than the decline in sales

in this regard, relevant industry analysts believe that since the lumia series was launched in China only in April, it could not offset the decline of Symbian in the market in the last quarter. In the fourth quarter, the situation is still not optimistic

in addition, Nokia has no obvious metering system in other emerging markets, which can handle three kinds of liquid raw materials. In the Middle East and Africa markets, Nokia's sales fell by 27%, in the Asia Pacific region by 7%, and in Latin America by 100000. However, due to the high price of the models sold, the net sales increased by 14% year-on-year

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