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A brief analysis of mobile publishing will bring new vitality to traditional publishing

Eugen, chairman of Frankfurt Book Fair, some universal machinery and equipment such as fluid and solid transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying. Boss conducted in-depth discussions with some domestic peers around the theme of mobile publishing in reading in Beijing. He said that mobile publishing will bring huge business opportunities and new vitality to traditional publishing

eugenbosch introduced the development status and trend of mobile publishing in Germany with the experimental machine of Rieger company as an example. According to his understanding, at present, in Germany, the best-selling mobile publishing is recipes, followed by children's books. Because of multimedia, mobile publishing makes children's books more readable and entertaining. However, with the continuous expansion of tablet computers and intelligence, some quality public interface mild reading materials and legal reading materials have also begun to enter mobile publishing, such as some practical legal regulations. He believes that mobile publishing and Internet publishing are interactive. Intelligence will become people's reading terminals, which will lead to more boutique publishing. It is also a kind of regression integration for some customers of traditional publishing

eugenboss' point of view has been unanimously agreed by everyone. Everyone said that the most important cost in the Internet era is time. The integration of traditional publishing and mobile publishing will bring publishing to people's daily life. In the app store, the content industry can be applied, and books will become a new form of store. But the requirements of mobile publishing for content will become more elaborate

on February 6, eugenboss and his delegation also made a special trip to China Publishing Group Corporation for an in-depth exchange with the top management of China Publishing Group Corporation on the current situation of the international book industry, publishing internationalization and digitization. It is reported that at the London Book Fair in April, China international media company will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Frankfurt College Affiliated to Frankfurt company, taking the first step of cooperation in publishing training, international publishing business consulting, etc

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