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Mobile network detection optimization of Xinhan on-board industrial computer

the goal of every mobile operator is to provide customers with the best call quality. In China, a professional mobile operator is committed to providing customers with satisfactory overall solutions: Although the standards and advantages can be reached, the cost has increased a lot, and the performance and high-quality wireless network, services and content can maximize the satisfaction of customer needs. The project company adopts the VTC on-board industrial computer of Xinhan to dynamically analyze, optimize, standard, troubleshoot, diagnose and check the mobile communication network at the covered points

traditional on-board computers are not equipped with a wireless mechanism for power on/off control. This means that the service fleet driver has to activate the on-board industrial computer after the vehicle starts, which is a time-consuming and expensive delay. To solve this problem, the Xinhan VTC on-board industrial computer is equipped with a remote wireless on/off control mechanism, which can automatically activate the system before the vehicle starts, thereby reducing the program stop status and improving efficiency

other important features of Xinhan VTC on-board industrial computer are providing high-performance real-time data update. Through the built-in wireless network module, customers can easily record data and provide high-quality C) product standards; Time analysis service. No longer need to wait for data updates - the vehicle can be used immediately as scheduled

customers are also impressed by the variety of wireless network modules supported. Xinhan VTC on-board industrial computer also stands out from many other similar products. Xinhan's various wireless network modules allow customers to monitor in different RF frequency bands before conducting experiments to test multiple networks. By inserting multiple different mobile SIM cards, customers can effectively monitor the network performance of different mobile operators. Customers are very happy to use Xinhan's VTC on-board industrial computer, which greatly improves the supervision of mobile operators and optimizes the performance of mobile networks

about Xinhan

founded in 1992, Xinhan computer, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is committed to becoming the best partner of your trusted digital platform architecture. Thanks to the research and development team with top technical level and talent, our company is often renowned for its innovative and pioneering products

adhering to these core values and providing more and better services to customers, Xinhan has assembled its energy to form four business divisions in the world: digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), industrial computer solutions (ICS) and network security and communication solutions (NCS). These strategic layouts enable Xinhan to provide products and services that can be quickly listed and quickly cooperate with the project plan without increasing costs

In addition, the market service-oriented business model provides a highly competitive Xinhan strong world-class service network, such as personalized services, global logistics, localized access, and real-time technical support. The local branches include 7 branches in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Xinhan can better meet and facilitate the needs of customers and work closely with partners in different regions of the world

it is particularly worth emphasizing that Xinhan provides a special level of customer customization service. Both Xinhan Taipei head office and the UK/US/China branch, the second largest problem affecting domestic construction quality, have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification

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