Mobile power 25kW diesel generator for the most tr

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Vehicle mobile power 25kW diesel generator

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6. Perfect design, stable function, weak power input, with a number of patents.

[reason for recommendation]: exported from Japan, daniazawa brand, large and easy to operate, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, easy to carry, affordable, the best choice of emergency equipment.

[company heads up] : Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: Dania yeze power

[sales manager]: Hou Chuanhui

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[email protected]

[business style]: purchase and sales treaty

[business form]: transfer, PayPal, company pick up

[about products]: including 17% of value-added tax, excluding freight, and delivered 24 hours a day

[company address]: No. 818, Yecheng Road, industrial park, Jiading District, Shanghai

generator generator model model

item to26000tsi

generator type

generator type rare earth permanent magnet motor

rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor

generator structure

generator layout brush motor


number of phases three phase/single-phase

three phase/single phase

rated speed (RPM)

additional speed 3000/3600

rated power (kw)

additional power 25

rated voltage (V)

additional voltage 230/400 (120/to control the trend of integration of information technology and equipment manufacturing industry 240)

max power (kw)

maximum input 27.5

power factor (COS)

power factor 0.9/1

rated frequency (Hz)

frequency 50 (60)

insulation class

insulation grade F class

engine engine bore stroke (mmxmm)

cylinder diameter x stroke 86x94

displacement (L)

displacement 2.2

max power (kw)/rpm

maximum power/speed 75kW/3800 ~ 4000rpm

max torque (n.m/rpm)

maximum torque 220/.()

starting mode

starting style electric starting

fuel consumption


fuel consumption rate 240g

lube capacity

oil volume 5.5L (dry)

lube brand

smooth oil trademark ≥ CD level SAE 10W-30, 15w-40

cd level or above or SAE 10W-30, 15w-40

c Ⅰ -4 level (GB)

compression ratio

compression ratio 22:1

engine type

engine type in-line four dynamometers instigate the device driven needle to have excessive friction cylinder, four stroke, water cooling, turbocharging, SOHC (single camshaft), 8 valves, electronically controlled VE pump Eddy current quenching chamber ERG intercooling

fuel capacity (L)

fuel capacity 55

emission Standard

National IV/European IV

fuel brand

fuel type vehicle diesel (III, IV): 0 (summer) -10 (winter) -35 (extreme cold)

noise (DB)

noise ≤ 78

lenthx widthX hight

length, width and height 1 until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same 480mmx780mmx1020mm

N.W (kg) gross weight 420

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