Modal and thermal analysis of the end cover of the

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Modal and thermal analysis of generator end cover

during the operation of a certain type of generator, a large noise is generated in the low-speed stage. The modal analysis of the motor end cover will confirm whether it is caused by its natural frequency. It needs to be verified before analysis to ensure the accuracy of the analysis model, material properties and analysis methods. In addition, the generator will generate a lot of heat during operation, which will deform the end cover. It is necessary to determine the deformation degree of the design structure through simulation analysis. 7 it serves nearly 102 local factories, and whether the maximum position of transmission and deformation is within the design permission

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due to the large amount of materials used by generators, it is difficult to obtain information such as material properties, and the impact of the simplification of subtle features on the analysis results is not easy to grasp. How to simplify the analysis model that is consistent with the actual model is a technical problem of modal simulation faced by engineers. During the operation of the generator, a large amount of heat will be generated, which will deform the end cover. It needs to be verified by experiments that the structural deformation caused by heat is within the allowable range and takes a lot of time. Whether the simplification and application of thermal load are consistent with the actual situation is another difficulty

end Geiger model


1 Confirm the accuracy of material properties through the comparison of physical experiments and simulation results

determine the accuracy of the simulation model and load application

2. Repeatedly simplify and load the actual model and compare it with the actual results to accumulate experience

using the modal and thermal analysis results of the generator end cover, 2.13 can automatically detect and calculate the mechanical performance index results of the samples, and analyze the modal and strength of the new product development, which shortens the development cycle and saves the cost of sample production

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using the modal and thermal analysis results of the generator end cover, the modal and strength analysis of new product development has shortened the development cycle and saved the cost of sample production. (end)

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