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Polarization of alcohol packaging enterprises

at this sugar and wine fair, many printing and packaging companies from Shenzhen and Wenzhou invested considerable funds as image publicity. They not only spent a lot of money to set up comprehensive display areas in the Convention and Exhibition Center, but also set up a number of negotiation rooms in major hotels. Correspondingly, many small packaging enterprises are unable to bear the high exhibition costs, and can only be carried by business personnel to publicize this kind of phenomenon, which is called fatigue crack initiation materials and printed albums, frequently shuttle through the Hotels with exhibitors. Although they are modest, active and enthusiastic, they are difficult to be ignored and responded by powerful manufacturers

what is the survival experience of large packaging companies in the fierce industry competition? How should small businesses get out of trouble? What is the core competitiveness of packaging enterprises? To this end, I visited a number of packaging enterprises

the rapid market update makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker

the mass entrepreneurship and innovation complex Yongfang Printing Co., Ltd., jointly established by Jiangyin and Zibo Municipal government, has participated in the national sugar and Wine Fair for the sixth time this year, Lei Jinshan senior engineer, who has worked in the alcohol packaging industry for nearly 20 years, said: "the core competitiveness of alcohol packaging enterprises lies in the constantly updated creative ability and innovative technology. In short, it is packaging design talents and process production equipment."

Lei Jinshan further said that for small enterprises, it is generally difficult to retain excellent design talents due to small capital and small scale, not to mention the improvement and training of talents. The shortage of talents directly leads to the backwardness of product design and updating. In the long run, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition. On the other hand, the investment in advanced printing equipment is huge. Without strong financial support, it is difficult to grab the most fashionable and cutting-edge printing production technology. Large printing and packaging enterprises will pay close attention to the latest international popular technologies and design concepts, and often importing a printing equipment from Germany or Japan requires an investment of nearly one million. The continuous updating of printing means puts forward higher and higher requirements for alcohol packaging enterprises

the weak gap in every competitive link of printing technology, renewal ability and design concept may have a fatal impact on the final market competition. Rapid market competition is cruel. Losing the core competitiveness will only make the strong stronger and the weak weaker, and there will be polarization in the development of the industry

the differentiated competition of small and medium-sized enterprises is the way out. It is impossible to seize the advantage from the overall strength of China's new material industry from talent technology, which will leap to the forefront of the world. Small printing enterprises can only find the market gap and survive in the cracks in the marketing process. Many small printing enterprises participated in the sugar and Wine Fair this time, and adopted the marketing mode of "binding cooperation" to publicize themselves through the booth of wine product customers

Beijing Korea xiaoshaojiu cooperated with a packaging company in Jiangsu to participate in the exhibition. Mr. Du, the manager of the enterprise, said that the complementary advantages are the main reason why the two enterprises choose to "bundle the exhibition". In the same booth, dealers can see their products through the publicity of packaging enterprises, and packaging enterprises can also attract customers through visual display of physical packaging, get what they need from each other, and share resources

Beijing huishengquan distillery also considered to cooperate with a large packaging design company when launching new Baijiu products, but the distillery finally decided to cooperate with a packaging company with general scale and good at producing ceramic wine bottles. Liu Guojiang, general manager of Beijing huishengquan distillery, said, "what we need is wine bottle packaging with the characteristics of old Beijing. The process does not need to be too complicated. Many big factories failed because of the problem of profit. Although a packaging company was found later, its products and services can meet our requirements for characteristic porcelain bottles, and the manufacturing process is also good, so we signed a one-year contract."

find out the most critical needs of customers, and strive to achieve the best, it is easy to win the market, and small packaging enterprises will have their own living space

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