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Policy guidance of petrochemical revitalization opinions on the coating industry

in 2009, Guangdong, Henan, Hunan, Anhui, Qinghai and other provinces issued petrochemical industry revitalization plans. According to the revitalization plan, in the future, Hunan will develop nine major new chemical material industries, including high-end coatings, pigments, special epoxy resins and fluorochemicals, drive the formation of two industrial chains, and achieve an annual sales revenue of 40 billion yuan. In October, with the introduction of the guiding opinions on supporting technologies for the revitalization of the petroleum and chemical industry, the catalogue of supporting technologies for industrial revitalization, and the guiding opinions on the structural adjustment of the petroleum and chemical industry, China's petrochemical industry has thus formed a complete revitalization plan. Industry insiders generally believe that the introduction of these policies and measures plays an important supporting role in maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand and adjusting the structure of China's coating industry with the strength of science and technology, and provides a solid foundation for the coating industry to promote the development of a new green road

through reading this series of policies, it is not difficult for us to find that the opinions has made clear provisions in the field of fine chemical industry that focusing on the development of rigid rigid rigid body such as water-based paint is conducive to the realization of precision, high solids, powdering and high-performance products in the fields of construction, bridges, aviation, automobiles, ships and so on, and to improve the environmental friendliness and specificity of products. At the same time, wisdom also found that in the catalogue of supporting technologies for the revitalization of the petroleum and chemical industry, the key technologies for the preparation of environmentally friendly high-end dyes and organic pigments; Key technologies for the preparation of high-performance green and environmental friendly coatings; 100000 t/a chlorination titanium dioxide complete set technology; Gas phase phosgene isocyanate technology and other supporting important technologies in the field of coatings are also included. Specifically, accelerate the elimination of paint products containing DDT, TBT, PFOA, red lead and other harmful substances. Limit the iron oxide pigment production line below 10000 tons/year. Focus on the development of water-based coatings, powder coatings, high solid coatings, radiation curing coatings and other environmentally friendly products, as well as special coatings for construction, bridges, aviation, automobiles, ships, heavy corrosion protection and other fields. Accelerate the research and development of inorganic pigments with special uses and coatings for national key projects such as civil aircraft, high-speed railway and wind power generation, and improve the deep processing capacity of titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigments. Vigorously promote the transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction. By 2015, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product of titanium dioxide will be reduced by 20%, and the production capacity of chlorinated titanium dioxide using high-grade titanium raw materials will be increased to 15%. And so on are the main tasks of the structural adjustment of the fine chemical industry of coatings

Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General in charge of scientific and technological work of the Petrochemical Association, interpreted the need to clarify three directions in the opinions: first, adjust the product structure, strive to improve the performance of chemical materials, and accelerate the refinement, specialization and greening of products; Second, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, vigorously develop new energy-saving processes, energy recovery technologies, cleaner production technologies and development process strengthening technologies; Third, break through resource constraints, actively develop the technical route of petroleum alternative chemical industry represented by new coal chemical industry and biochemical industry, and improve the recovery of sulfur, phosphorus and other chemical mineral resources. In general, structural adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green environmental protection will become the foothold for the revitalization of China's coating industry. Report a few days ago: the experimental data and marked forms can be automatically reported and printed. PPG coating Tianjin factory sent a letter to Tianjin emission right exchange to test the water and voluntarily reduce emissions. What points should some paint enterprises pay attention to? Let's go and have a look! The industry has begun to take proactive measures and self-discipline in complying with relevant policies, which is undoubtedly a good start

although China has become the second largest coating country in the world, it has always faced the embarrassing situation of "big" but "not strong". Wisdom believes that it is particularly urgent to eliminate backward production capacity, strictly control the total production capacity of excess and inferior oil-based coating products, and encourage the development of high-end water-based coating products in short supply in the domestic market. In addition, the development of new products in China's paint market has not really got rid of the situation of tracking and imitation. After Nippon successfully launched "Jingwei" paint, we can see that 10 actuators can be connected at the same time to work synchronously. Almost all paint brands have launched a wide range of "Jingwei paint", but in fact, the independent development and exploration of "Jingwei" this low odor technology in China's paint industry are far from enough. The development of coatings in building energy conservation and environmental protection technology is also lagging behind. Under the guidance of the catalogue of supporting technologies for industrial revitalization, it is more important to increase the improvement of high-end environmental protection coating formula and technology development

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