Pm9 of the second phase project of Jiangxi Wuxing

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Pm9 of Jiangxi Wuxing paper industry phase II project was successfully started and produced paper

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on November 22, pm9, the first paper machine of Jiangxi Wuxing paper industry phase II project, was started and produced paper and successfully rolled up. According to China paper (No.: zgzywwx), the machine was introduced from South Korea, and Voith was responsible for the technical transformation. The machine has a net paper width of 7980mm, a width of 8660mm, and a design speed of 1500m/min. It mainly makes all wood pulp uncoated cultural paper, with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons

Jiangxi Wuxing Paper Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhejiang Wuxing Paper Co., Ltd., was established in 2014. The company is located in Yinsha Industrial Park, Hukou County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It is a multi variety paper company with a total investment of 5billion and an annual output of 1.1 million tons in two phases. The first phase of the project has an investment of 2.8 billion yuan, and the experimental machine data of two special paper production lines with an annual output of 350000 tons of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. are very comprehensive. The production lines PM7 and PM8 were fully put into operation in January 2018 and 2020 respectively. The second phase of the project, with an investment of 2.2 billion yuan and an area of 725 mu, will build a high-end packaging paper production line with an annual production capacity of 600000 tons, generate an income of 2.1 billion after being put into operation, and solve the employment of more than 180 people

after Jiangxi Wuxing paper industry is fully completed and put into operation, it will release a production capacity of 1.1 million tons, and the production company agrees to pass the on-site assessment and acceptance value of 10billion, with a tax of 700million. The company will also become the largest special tension machine in Jiangxi Province. The paper producer will promote the transformation of research results of scientific research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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