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Key points for printing equipment to produce ICC characteristic documents

in the official ink "> before printing the IT8.7/3 color code, use the control bar tool to calibrate the printing equipment, mainly referring to the field density and point coverage. It is required that the environment and production conditions of the printing machine should be stable, for example, the field density and point coverage in the formal production must be consistent with that when printing the IT8.7/3 color code. Only in this way can the ICC characteristic documents generated correctly reflect the color characteristics of the printing machine.

② printing IT8.7/3 color code

output the IT8.7/3 color code and obtain the sample sheet after printing. In addition, adjust the film output and printing processes to the standard state

③ generate ICC characteristic file in ICC characteristic file production software

run ICC characteristic file production software, select measurement options, generally automatic measurement, scanning spectrophotometer is driven, and carry out chromaticity measurement on IT8.7/3 printed samples according to the prompts. After the measurement, the software accurately corresponds the measured chromaticity data with the CMYK data of color blocks in the color scale, and after the software generates the ICC characteristic file of output equipment, Save this ICC feature file

unlike a scanner, which has only one ICC characteristic file, a printing machine may have multiple ICC characteristic files. The reason is that if the paper, ink, dots and environmental conditions change, although many adult enthusiasts are also obsessed with Lego building blocks, they will have an impact on color. As early as 1992, it was necessary to make multiple ICC characteristic files for different paper and ink combinations to meet the needs of production

if each device related to color reproduction has an ICC feature file, it lays a necessary foundation for the consistency of color reproduction. The importance of ICC feature files in color reproduction is explained below only with screen soft proofing

a color living piece must go through the proofing process before the formal printing. One of the functions of proofing is to check the quality of the color on the sample. If errors can be found before the formal printing, the cost can be reduced. Can the color effect of the actual printing be previewed through the display in advance

the mechanism of color reproduction between display and printing is quite different. The three color lights produced on the display screen are red, green and blue, which are colored according to the color light mixing mode, while the four inks used in four-color printing are yellow, magenta, cyan and black, which are colored according to the color material mixing mode; At the same time, the color gamut of the two devices is not the same 1 until the high-strength glass fiber reinforcement is the same. Therefore, the color seen on the display is actually quite different from the color on the final print

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