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Key points that should be paid attention to when using diaphragm regulating valve

① if the valve body is lined with anti-corrosion lining, when installing on the pipeline, the corrosion-resistant cushion should be used, and attention should be paid not to damage the sealing surface of the valve body flange. ② When storing diaphragms, they should be packed in cloth bags and placed on wooden shelves to avoid direct exposure to the sun and ozone, and heavy objects should not be used to stack them.. ③ When the valve is stored, it should be in the fully open state to ensure that the diaphragm is in a stress free state. In particular, the spring closed diaphragm valve should pay attention to the fact that the test piece should pass through the clamping device and be fixed during the test process. The two flange end faces of the valve should be sealed with paper, so as to prevent moisture and dirt from entering. ④ When the valve is in use, 1. The maximum load accuracy: 10kN (any choice less than 10kN) cannot be excessively closed, once the diaphragm presses the weir surface of the valve body. Don't open the valve too fast. Too fast will add all the load to the diaphragm screw and damage the diaphragm. ⑤ The diaphragm and lining should be checked regularly to prevent damage to other parts and accidents due to corrosion and tearing. ⑥ When disassembling and replacing the valve, the fluid on both sides should be effectively cut off, and the residual fluid should be discharged. At the same time, personnel protection (wearing protective clothing, masks, gloves, etc.) should be done to prevent the damage of corrosive fluid to people

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