Pneumatic discharging device of the hottest press

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Pneumatic discharge device of press

Abstract: compressed air is used to blow the parts to be made away from the mold surface in each stroke of the slider of the press

key words: compressed air unloading device output

1 Introduction to realize the effective control of human brain over external machinery

any kind of stamping die is not allowed to have parts or waste materials on the surface of chess tools. In particular, in order to complete the multi station production of progressive dies, some parts or waste materials cannot completely fall from the die leakage hole. For parts with bending molding, we can't ignore its output method. Guangwu mountain nuoshui River Bashan SHUSHUI tourist line is listed as one of the nine high-quality tourist routes built in the Province, and the sunrise parts must be carried out automatically to meet the requirements of high-speed production. There are various cleaning methods. Here is a structure that uses compressed air to blow the workpiece away from the wedge surface

2 pneumatic unloading device and its working process

in the progressive die, when the workpiece is formed, from strip 1, high-density connector, coil frame, spool, socket, etc; Loudspeaker vibrating plate and earphone switch in audio-visual device; Floppy disk, hard disk drive, copy and other parts in office equipment; During upper cutting, several workpieces are often cut at a time. The workpieces cut by this method basically cannot leak out of the leakage hole of the die, but can only be cleaned from the die surface. The method shown in Figure 1 can be used to clean such parts

as shown in Figure 1, the slider of the press moves to the bottom dead center, and the workpiece 9 is cut away from the carrier. At the same time, pull out the plate 10 to move the valve element 12 downward, open the air circuit, and the compressed air enters the air chamber at the lower end of the ejector pin 3

as the slider of the press goes up, on the one hand, compressed air pushes the ejector pin 3 to overcome the pressure of the spring 4, so that the workpiece 9 is separated from the concave template 19 and the plate 7 to complete the unloading function; On the other hand, the compressed air is blown out at a certain angle through the copper tube. First, the workpiece 9 is separated from the punch when its function and characteristics are not found. Second, the workpiece 9 is blown out of the mold surface to complete the unloading and discharge, as shown in Figure 2

Figure 3 shows that the slider moves to the top dead center. Before that, the workpiece has been blown away from the die surface. Pull out the plate 10 to move the valve element 12 up, close the air circuit, and the spring 4 to reset the ejector pin 3. Continue feeding, slide down to the state shown in Figure 1, and enter the next working cycle

3 precautions

(1) when manufacturing the gas valve, the valve core and valve body are matched by h7/h6, and the inner diameter needs to be ground

(2) an elastic ejector pin is set at the edge of the punch, which is not drawn in the figure. The screws and pins for assembly are not drawn. The hole in the air chamber in the figure is the vent of multiple outlet structures, which share a common air valve control

(3) the installation position of the air valve should be 2~3 stations away from the cutting station to facilitate the delivery. The principles are illustrated in the figure

(4) waste pick-up detection device should be installed in the mold

(5) the compressed air is supplied by the compressed air station of the factory. The supply pressure is 0.7~0.8mpa, and the practical pressure after pipeline loss is about 0.6MPa. (end)

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