Translation and interpretation of the hottest proe

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Translation and interpretation of proe menu

translation and interpretation of proe menu

1. File: file operation

2. Description of various data information of inf CAD model

3. View: operation control of 3D perspective

4. Utilities: environment, shortcut keys, system colors, system configuration settings, historical file operations and other functions

5. Applications: pro/engineer standard module and other application modules

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7. Window: interface control

8. Help: help

w: new file

en: open file

rking Directory: set working directory

ase: delete a file in memory

current: delete a file in the current active window

not displayed: any window does not exist, but the file stored in memory is deleted

let: delete the file in the hard disk

old versions: delete all the old versions of the current file in the hard disk, Only keep the latest version

all versions: completely delete the current file, and the file will not exist after deletion

ve: save current file

ve as: save file as

ckup: backup file

name: file rename

port: input data in IGES or other formats

port: output data in IGES or other formats

int: print graphics

stand operations: save a specific part in the family table

it: exit

bom (Part manifest) this option only appears when combining files, List the part structure of the assembly, including the quantity and name of the assembly, sub assembly and each part

feature (feature information) information of a feature

feature list lists all features of a part

model lists the details of all features of a part

audit trail lists the designer and date of the design change of a part

pro/engineer objects lists all the file names stored in the memory and hardness working directory

message log lists all the messages that have been displayed in the message window

parent/child shows the parent-child relationship between features

regen info shows the feature establishment process of a part

geometry check when the feature creation fails, this option can be used to make pro/engineer display the wrong parts of the geometric shape

mode s test results will also be inaccurate. Use the smallest rectangle to frame the whole part or assembly model, which can be regarded as the limiting block of the part or assembly model

retain: clear screen, which is equivalent to redraw

default in AutoCAD: display parts in the default 3D perspective

shade: shading

previous: return to the previous perspective

expand/unexpande: this command will appear in the assembly, They are: exploded view/cancel exploded view

refine: display all graphics

spin/pan/zoom: rotate/move/zoom the parts on the graphics

orientation: change the 3D viewing angle of the parts

saved views: save the current viewing angle

layer: control of layers

model display: model display mode

datum display: setting of datum features

performance: when 3D parts or assemblies have when there are many lines, Using this command to set various options can improve the display speed of 3D viewing angle

model setup: set color appearances and lights

linfo at point: curvature, normal vector And tangent vector

surface analysis: surface analysis

lgauss curvature: (Gaussian curvature) displays the product of the maximum curvature and the minimum curvature at any point on a surface

lsection curvature: (section curvature) displays the curvature of a section

lslpoe: (slope) displays the slope of a section on the surface

lporcupine: (normal curvature) displays the normal curvature of the surface in the form of an orthogonal line

lnormals: (normal vector) Displays the normal vector of the surface

ldeviation: (normal error) ± 10% displays the normal error between the surface and a curve

lreflection curves: (reflection ray) displays the reflection effect of a linear light source on the surface

linto at point: (information of points on the surface)

lradius: (minimum radius of curvature) displays the minimum radius of curvature of the upper and lower surfaces of the entire surface, This value can be used as a reference for tool selection during surface machining when our experimental machine needs to ensure the quality of self-adhesive

ldraft check: detect draft angle

loffset mesh: displacement lattice

window control

activatee Activate the current window

new Create a new window for the current part

close Close the current window

model tree Show hidden model tree

open system Enter the system state

maximize Maximize

restore Recover window

default size Automatic window

pro/e help system Command help

pro/e help online books Online book

Customer Services info Service information

round tutor Fillet help

about pro/engineer About this software

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