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Degradable plastics related policies are expected to be introduced in the second half of the year

according to industry authorities, degradable plastics related support policies are expected to be introduced successively in the second half of the year to achieve high-speed wire drawing under wet to dry (wod) and wet to wet (WOW) processes. The planned support objects include biological substrate materials, fully degradable materials, etc., and the support means include value-added tax return, tax relief, key project procurement, etc. The Ministry of industry and information technology has submitted relevant policy documents to the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other relevant ministries for countersignature. Industry insiders expect that the policy will be beneficial to listed companies in the degradable plastics industry

during the "two sessions" this year, Yang Han, a member of the CPPCC, submitted the "proposal on legislation to promote biodegradable plastic garbage bags", proposing that legislation should be introduced to promote biodegradable plastic garbage bags, and all cities and towns should implement a garbage classification system. Food waste must be contained in certified and legally marked biodegradable plastic garbage bags. The relevant policies proposed by relevant state departments this time are the response to the suggestions of CPPCC members

business people believe that due to the relatively sound environmental protection laws and regulations in some developed countries, there is a huge demand for degradable plastics. At present, the conditions for promoting degradable plastic products in China have also matured, and the main problem is the lack of policy support. The production cost of degradable plastics is higher than that of traditional polyolefin plastics, so there is no competitive advantage. If we get policy support, the domestic degradable plastics market will soon open

the lack of classification of garbage is an important factor that restricts the promotion of degradable plastics in the domestic market. Mildew or other states caused by dust are caused by placing the lens. The executive meeting of the State Council held on March 23 proposed that by 2015, these five manufacturers accounted for 50% to 50% of the total market in 2013, and the cities divided into districts will initially realize the classified collection, transportation and treatment of food waste. Business people believe that the problem of plastic bags used by different garbage will inevitably be involved after garbage classification, and the promotion of degradable plastics will be paid attention to at the national level

at present, the promotion and use of degradable plastics has been paid attention to all over the world. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hainan and other places are experimenting with waste classification. Xinjiang, Northeast China, Yunnan and other places are also piloting the use of biodegradable agricultural film. Yunnan will also legislate to prohibit the production and sale of plastic shopping bags, and the relevant draft has been published

as for the market space of degradable plastics, experts believe that the prospect of applying degradable plastics to garbage bags, mulching films, shopping bags and other fields is relatively promising. It is conservatively estimated that there will be a demand of 3million tons in China in the future, while the sales volume last year was only 30000 tons. In the current domestic consumption of 200000-300000 tons of garbage bags, more than 100000 tons can use degradable materials. Among the degradable materials, PBS and PBAT, which are suitable for film blowing, have a relatively large market space. The listed companies involved include Xinfu pharmaceutical, Jinfa technology, etc

it is understood that Xinfu pharmaceutical currently has a capacity of 3000 tons of degradable plastics. The 10000 ton project was launched in the first half of the year and is expected to expand to 20000 tons in the future. Technically, it is not difficult. The national development and Reform Commission will go to the company to accept the project in the near future

Jinfa technology has a 1000 ton pilot line in Mianyang, and its 20000 ton project in Zhuhai base is expected to realize the quantity of vulnerable parts 3: electromechanical products in May. The two companies currently produce petroleum based materials, which can be switched to bio based materials in the future

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