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The FDA has been actively encouraging the reuse of plastic packaging materials and the production of new food packaging containers, but the application of recycled plastics to food packaging involves many health and safety issues. To this end, FDA recently released a document entitled "points for attention in the application of recycled plastics in food packaging: chemical concerns"

it is reported that the document evaluates the various applications of recycled plastics in food packaging, and emphasizes the problems that should be paid attention to when applying such products. This document focuses on the development of inorganic chemicals, inorganic nano materials, inorganic whisker materials and special functional materials for new energy vehicles and optoelectronic industry for food packaging manufacturers and food enterprises; Promoting the merger and reorganization of enterprises is an important guiding document. When plastic packaging materials are recycled and used in food packaging, the most worrying thing is that various pollutants after consumer use may appear in food packaging products made of recycled materials, and uncontrolled recycling can be used in food packaging with Excel or word materials. In addition, various polyurethane combinations suitable for flat products used in recycled materials: waneflex 691/wannate 80691 excipients may not comply with the provisions related to food safety. In order to address these concerns, the FDA stipulates that every proposal to use recycled plastics must be discussed on a case by case basis. Whether the plastic products produced in the recycling process can be used in food packaging must be reviewed accordingly. Producers who want to use recycled plastics in food packaging must provide FDA with relevant review materials, including a comprehensive description of the recycling process; Description of the source and source control of recycled plastics, so as to ensure that the plastics used for recycling comply with the regulations on availability at the beginning. Description of process measures to ensure that recycled plastics are free from pollution on several points. Any test data excluding pollutants before or during regeneration shall be reported to fda When recycled plastics are used as substitutes for plastics made from raw materials, the production unit must prove that these substitutes do not pollute food, or that the regeneration process adopted can remove the possible pollution through testing

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