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Poland attaches importance to the development of the packaging industry

according to statistics, in 1990, users had a high-level mentality that they could not do without a PC. The annual total value of global packaging products reached $300billion, and by 95, it reached $500billion. At this rate, it is expected to reach $760billion in 2000. Poland saw this development trend and further accelerated the development of its packaging industry. At present, Poland has more than a dozen factories specializing in the production of packaging materials, such as plastic, paper, light metal and glass. At the same time, there are hundreds of packaging material processing plants in the processing industry. In Poland, the per capita packaging material was 45 kg in 1995 and will reach 76 kg by 2000. Polish packaging products are roughly divided into four categories: liquid food packaging, metal packaging with small deformation and rapid increase in tensile load, solid food packaging, medicine and cosmetics packaging, and other product packaging. By 2000, the demand growth of Polish market for various packaging materials was: paper industry increased by 28%, glass manufacturing industry increased by 26.7%, metal manufacturing industry increased by 24%, plastic industry increased by 32%, and other industries increased by 32%, Other industries increased by 25%. Due to the physical and chemical properties, as the raw material of paper packaging, plant fiber is very popular with consumers, so the growth rate of the paper industry is greater than that of other packaging industries. In the past few years, the international market has a large demand for packaging paper and paper plate. There are several corrugated paper plate manufacturing plants in Poland, whose manufacturing process level and production capacity have been continuously improved, forming a flow production line to meet the growth at home and abroad. Since 1993, glass packaging, in which star products are unique products, has been growing steadily. Polish glass packaging has long been the basic material for liquid food, solid food and drug packaging. Although Poland is mass producing glass packaging products, the per capita consumption is still less than 20% of the United States and 40% of Germany. Most of the original more than 20 glass packaging manufacturing enterprises in Poland have been privatized or combined with foreign entities to form joint-stock companies. Most glass packaging production enterprises have also significantly improved their production processes through modernization. In terms of food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging materials, a large number of aluminum foil is needed as inner packaging materials, while the annual output of aluminum foil in Poland is only 7000 tons, which is far from meeting domestic demand. Poland's import plan includes the plan of importing aluminum foil to meet domestic demand

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