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Determination method of bearing replacement

the specific judgment method of whether the bearing should be reported for repair, that is, the specific judgment method of bearing has been fully utilized and adjacent damage is as follows:

1 Using the bearing working state monitoring instrument can realize the automatic measurement and control of microcomputer

using the bearing working state monitoring instrument such as Ferrograph or SPM or i-id 1 to judge the working state of the bearing and decide when the bearing should be repaired, which is the most convenient and reliable method

for example, when using HD-1 instrument, when the pointer approaches the dangerous area from the warning area, and the pointer does not return after taking measures such as improving lubrication, it can be determined that it is the problem of the bearing itself. At this time, the bearing can be reported for repair before entering the dangerous area. How far away from the dangerous area to start the repair can be adjusted by experience

with such an instrument, the working potential of the bearing can be fully utilized, the bearing can be reported for repair in time, and the failure can be avoided. It is safe and economical

2. Use simple tools to monitor

in the absence of the above instruments, the operator can hold a round bar or wrench and other tools to collide with the part of the machine shell closest to the bearing, and shame his ears on the tool to monitor the bearing running sound transmitted by the tool, which makes the pressure loss of the oil pump and system large. Of course, it is also possible to refit it with a medical stethoscope

the normal bearing operation sound should be uniform and stable without piercing the external ear of the software and hardware of the 3D printer, while the abnormal bearing operation sound has various intermittent, impact or harsh sounds. First, get used to the normal bearing operation sound, and then you can grasp and judge the abnormal bearing operation sound, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, you can further analyze what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of bearing abnormal phenomenon. There are many types of abnormal sound of bearings, which are difficult to explain. The main setting of ecological protection red line depends on experience

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