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Shengze chemical fiber market dynamics Express (10.22)

on October 21, the polyester trading atmosphere was calm, the overall trading volume was at a lower level, and the quotation remained stable, but the actual transaction price of individual batches was mainly negotiated. The local spinning mills FDY black silk and full extinction FDY continue to maintain a relatively popular trend, while the transactions of other varieties are light

from the perspective of product dynamics, the price of DTY products in the market is generally stable and weak, but some conventional products have operating companies that make concessions for shipment. In terms of sales, the sales of dty150d/144f, dty100d/144f and DTY black silk on the market are acceptable. The prices of most FDY series products have not changed much. In terms of sales, FDY Multi-f silk continues to show a tepid situation, such as 50d/24f, 75d/36f, etc., and the sales of FDY bright products are acceptable. POY sales ammunition enterprises' purchasing power of Po entering 2017 fell, and the demand for POY is flat

at present, the wait-and-see mood in the polyester market continues. Downstream weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises do not purchase polyester much. They first digest and hold inventory raw materials, and the purchase intention of polyester spot is insufficient, but the polyester inventory pressure of chemical fiber spinning manufacturers has not yet occurred. Most people believe that in the short term, it seems that the overall market of polyester is dominated by temporary stable consolidation, and it is not ruled out that the price of unsalable specification silk may have a preferential promotion market

the overall trading volume of differentiated cationic silk is small, while the price of denier products is stable. In terms of sales, the sales of fdy50d and 63d silk are relatively smooth, but the sales of FDY coarse denier silk in the market are not satisfactory. At present, the quotation is temporarily guaranteed, and the price is moderately reduced when shipping. DTY and POY sales are also average. At present, the price of CDP slices of upstream raw materials is stable, and the market acceptance and short-distance delivery in six months are sold out at 1155. The low temperature resistance is also very prominent, about 0 yuan/ton. It is expected that the overall market of cationic silk in the future will be dominated by stable adjustment. The market of polyester/polyester composite yarn is acceptable, and the price trend of polyester/polyester composite yarn is stable and rising, with the quotation of 50+50 reaching 15400 yuan/t. The sales market of island composite wire is smooth, and the product price continues to remain stable, with the price of 225d at 17500 yuan/t. The price of polyester/nylon composite yarn is stable. At present, the sales performance of downstream fabric products is generally weak. It is expected that there will be no big change in the market of polyester nylon composite yarn in the future

pta prices go up and cause damage to equipment, and MEG prices also rise. The price trend of semi gloss polyester chips and bright polyester chips is consolidated, the price of CDP chips remains unchanged, and the price trend of polyester bottle chips is stable in the process of benchmarking. On the market, the spot transaction price of semi-finished slices is 10800 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream of cash is generally 10700 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Youguang slice is 10700 yuan/ton, and it will be delivered in a short distance in three months. The mainstream cash is generally 10600 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP chip market is about 11550 yuan/ton, and it will be accepted and delivered in six months. Polyester bottle chips are generally delivered to the market at a transaction price of 10900 yuan/t. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the polyester chip market is dependent, and the trading volume is small

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