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Shenneng environmental protection holdings and reorganized the "Jinjiang ecology" layout of the entire environmental sanitation industry chain

according to the electromechanical home, on November 13, the renaming and launching ceremony of Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Beijing. Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. has always been a friendly neighbor with similar hearts, feelings and interests, which is difficult to be called a real environmental protection packaging neighbor industrial and commercial change, It was officially renamed as Shenneng Environmental Protection Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenneng development"), which is controlled by Shenzhen Energy and environmental protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenneng environmental protection"). Li Zhuge, chairman of Shenneng environmental protection, Zhong Rigang, deputy general manager, Xing Wenxiang, CO chairman of Shenneng development, Yuli, President, and core management of the company attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Guofeng, vice president of Shenneng development

chairman Li zhuige said in his speech that the success of this equity restructuring is of great significance. As one hundred demonstration enterprises of scientific and technological reform under the State Council, Shenneng environmental protection not only undertakes the important task of state-owned enterprise reform, but also further improves the whole industrial chain layout of Shenneng environmental protection, which extends from solid waste terminal disposal to the front end of environmental sanitation integration

after the equity restructuring, Shenneng development has realized the win-win co creation of the system of state-owned enterprises and the mechanism of private enterprises. The norms of state-owned enterprises and the flexibility of private enterprises have reconstructed a new development pattern of "two wheel drive", and the resources of state-owned enterprises and the efficiency of private enterprises have also achieved a higher level of resource allocation

the integration of urban and rural environmental sanitation integrated industrial chain enables Shenzhen energy development to realize the comprehensive services of whole process planning, design, investment and operation from front-end waste classification collection, road cleaning and cleaning, waste removal and transportation to end-of-line solid waste disposal. In the future, the service sector of Shenzhen energy development will be upgraded to include the integration of urban and rural sanitation, garbage classification and solutions: remove the limit block by hand for disposal, landscaping management and protection, municipal public services, urban housekeepers, new sanitation equipment and smart sanitation. Strive to become an excellent urban and rural ecological environment integrated service provider with all-weather, full coverage, intelligence and networking

based on the "waste free city" system solution provided by Shenneng environmental protection, Shenneng development (formerly Jinjiang Ecology) takes the improvement of environmental quality as its own responsibility, environmental sanitation service as its foundation, ecological public service as its core, information technology and modern technology as its driving force, and innovates the high-molecular material ecological public service obtained through processing and modification through the integration of "Society + professional service + smart IOT + government leadership + public supervision" The mode of "planning + Construction + service + operation" in the whole process of public resources and public projects continues to build core competitiveness, strive to become an excellent urban and rural ecological environment integrated service provider, help the construction of green cycle, low-carbon waste free cities and beautiful villages, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization

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