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Determinants of the level of layout design

in today's society, people may see the most layout design is books such as newspapers and magazines. But ordinary people with ball screws have been familiar with these books for a long time, so they don't care much about the arrangement of these publications. But I think today's general newspapers and periodicals still lack the feeling of design, and are more about simple typesetting. Material brand: pet-fr2300, and I think it is very important to have the following seven elements in layout design: graphics, text, color, layout, lattice system, visual flow and formal sense rule

graphics is a very important part of the communication process, which is similar to color. Similar to words, it can spread information, which is also the earliest method of information transmission. Our photographic photos may be more used in the current design. With the development of technology, we can use software to process photos perfectly

1. Bottom 2 Synthesis 3 Scattered reconstruction 4 Tone 5 Deficiency and excess 6 Part and close-up 7 Texture and special effects, I think the last four are a bit of a way to play with the sense of design. With the help of PS, we can make the pictures more artistic and achieve the effect that we may not have thought of in advance

hand drawing may be used less in general design, and most of it appears as illustrations. However, it has an effect that ordinary cameras cannot achieve. We can strengthen the details, personality, scenes and other characteristics that cannot be reflected in the photos, which are deeply persuasive and expressive. Similarly, the performance of some cartoons can also make the layout more dynamic. For example, now, we can see the emergence of hand-painted graffiti in many public places, which gives people the feeling that it is more active and inflexible. Maybe you will see some when you go to the aisle of Fuji in people's Square. Some abstract graphics are similar to computer effects. I think they are playing with the feeling of design

if you can call any of the images I mentioned in the layout design that we often see, I think that the image that attracts you more may be the one that plays a greater role in the layout, making the layout vivid, which is more impossible but less. I think graphics are the most important, and the visual effect they give us is the most prominent

words may be as indispensable as people's clothes. In typesetting, the typesetting relationship of words is relatively more, and it is more likely to be carried out at the same time with the lattice system. Different styles of fonts, including those designed by ourselves, are irreplaceable in the whole layout. The prominence of the main title and the arrangement of the text by using the grid system make the layout more design oriented

I once had the idea that whether the lattice system is too integrated, can it break his harmony and create the messy beauty I want, but after many experiments, I found that once the lattice system is missing, it is very difficult to put most of the words into your picture, and of course, I don't rule out some people who feel particularly good at design, After I did the experiment myself, I think as a general designer, lattice system is absolutely indispensable. Some people may ask again, if there is only one sentence in my picture, what does the grid system want him to do? Maybe this is the most common problem for beginners like us. A painting must have a suitable place for words, and this suitable place may be the extension line of the edge of an object in the painting, so we choose to use the reference line. If not, our eyes cannot have such accurate judgment

color is also an important part in my opinion

the things I used to do were not very harmonious and relatively abrupt. At first, I always didn't understand why, but later, after learning more, I found that my ability to grasp color was directly related to my whole picture. When I watched more black-and-white TVs when I was a child, I began to hate black-and-white colors and felt that they were very rustic. But after learning design, I found that a black-and-white photo or poster is not ugly, and even in a certain environment, it is more beautiful than a color picture

when making posters for women, many beginners will think that women should be like water, so the works are almost similar, and most of them are like characters in cosmetic advertisements. But have you ever thought about what to do if he has brown or black skin? In fact, I think there is no difference in choosing tasks. The key lies in what kind of light you choose to shoot, what kind of hue you choose, and what kind of lightness you choose to express

sometimes the advantage of making a small panel control system is that you may have considered what hue to make before the control of the experimental machine, such as milk. You may choose white or blue, or add green or pink. These things are very important. Depending on what type of products we make, we need to make different thinking processes and completion methods

reasonable price. Visual process may not be a big factor, but it may also be necessary to talk about layout design. From my own point of view, this is also a habit that I changed after I learned layout design. In the past, when I worked on works, I may not have a focus on the layout of words, that is to say, the whole picture is too messy. Once a friend of mine told me what you want to express or what effect you want to achieve, which reminds me of my creative ideas. I began to look for some hierarchical relationships in graphics and word processing to make the theme more prominent and achieve the effect of people's attention at once. For example, for general text, I still choose a one-way visual process. Because the text itself in writing and our reading is from left to right, just in line with the one-way visual process

I think the rule of formal sense is relatively close to the layout. I think after the layout is set up, I will start to think of the sense of form. For example, if I want to make a single page of text in the middle of the whole layout, I will think of the symmetry trial balance in the rule of sense of form. What kind of layout and form is directly related to the expressiveness of your work

in layout design, a good picture is very important, and the performance of words is also important. Of course, it needs to use the lattice system. Secondly, the same important thing is the tone. A good picture and a good tone, coupled with good visual effects, is the success of your work. The above seven points I mentioned are indispensable in layout design. I hope to learn more knowledge in more studies to create better works

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