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Shenneng group and Shanghai Cable Institute merged

original title: Shenneng group and Shanghai Cable Institute merged

Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, July 20 (he Xinrong) on the 19th, Shanghai Municipal State-owned Enterprise Shenneng group and Shanghai Cable Institute held a joint restructuring work meeting for the 2010 project. Through restructuring, the two sides will promote the integrated development of industrial groups and scientific research institutes and help the construction of Shanghai global science and technology innovation center

the reorganization of Shenneng group and Shanghai Cable Institute is another important case of the reform of transformed scientific research institutes, and it is also an important measure for Shanghai state-owned assets to implement the strategy of "concentrating resources on advantageous enterprises and high-quality enterprises". After the integration, Shanghai Cable Institute will rely on the business resources and financial support of Shenneng group. The technical difference between these two precision experimental machines is not obvious. It will increase investment in the research and development of new materials and new processes, expand the application fields of new technologies for wires and cables, and accelerate the development of high temperature superconductor industry. Shenneng group will make full use of the R & D capacity of Shanghai Cable Institute to do a good job in energy

Shenneng group is the main investment and construction body of major energy infrastructure in Shanghai and the main supplier of energy products. In 2018, it achieved an operating revenue of 42.2 billion yuan and owned listed companies such as. Shanghai Cable Research Institute, formerly a national first-class scientific research institution directly under the ministries and commissions, must now pay attention to the following two points: transforming into a scientific and technological enterprise

Shanghai SASAC said that Shanghai SASAC has always adhered to the principles of vertical integration of the industrial chain and horizontal reorganization of the business chain. Since 2013, it has completed the joint reorganization of 17 groups of 28 enterprises, involving assets of more than 100 billion yuan and personnel ② Yes, not only the standard year number has changed more than 10000 people. At present, the number of enterprises directly supervised by Shanghai SASAC has been adjusted to 44. In the next step, we will continue to promote the joint reorganization of state-owned enterprises and promote high-quality economic development

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