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Shengze self sealing metering refueling gun

Shengze self sealing metering refueling gun

self sealing refueling gun and various accessories on the refueling machine at the same time, with excellent material selection. This machine is digital display, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic shutdown when broken, and can be set to automatically return. Key components are imported materials, so that the flowmeter can transport 3million liters without adjustment. The flow of combined pump and vane pump is 60l/min, and the operation of 10million liters is stable, The noise is between 68-72db, and the self sealing metering refueling gun is designed according to the ideal style of today's users. It is small in shape, light in weight and easy to use. At the same time, it is strong, durable and reliable in service. It is suitable for filling diesel, kerosene and gasoline above 90. Small aluminum gun body: light weight, easy to operate, unique and novel in shape. High pressure casting technology can reduce the generation of foam and static electricity. Easy to set the temperature of omni-directional service 7: press the Λ or Ν key on the temperature controller to keep the rack normally open: so that customers can easily and simply set three different flow rates. Easy to replace nozzle: just remove the screws on the nozzle and replace the new nozzle. Relevant supporting tools can be obtained from Teer


model: sz-20a

flow range: L/min

nominal pressure: 0.18mpa

refueling gun body: the laboratory where aluminum is located should not have vibration phenomenon. Gold

seal ring: cyanogen butadiene rubber, fluororubber

main rod seal: fluororubber framework oil seal

rotation meter: electronic turbine flowmeter with high precision, durability and small volume. Modular design makes it compatible with output module, The sensor is used together with the remote transmitter, and the characteristics of the local display microcomputer unit: 2 cumulative measurements (1 resettable, 1 cumulative) Ex factory calibration gallons and liters: internal components are easy to replace, easy to maintain, lightweight, compact design, easy to install, lithium battery powered, in about 9000 hours

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