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Measurement method of clean room temperature and relative humidity

measurement example potentiometer of clean room temperature and relative humidity, etc.:

① measurement requirements of temperature and humidity

Martin Baumert, head of BASF Southeast Asia new market development, said

first, before temperature and humidity measurement, the purified air conditioning system should operate continuously for more than 48h

second, the measuring instrument with sufficient accuracy should be selected according to the accuracy range of temperature and humidity, and it should be calibrated and qualified

② measurement method of temperature and humidity:

first, the measurement point of temperature and humidity should be 0.8m away from the ground and 0.5m away from the outer wall

second, the filter layer of Mspp also includes a layer of compact electrospun glass fiber felt containing silver nanoparticles. According to the requirements of the accuracy range of temperature and humidity, the measurement should be operated continuously for 8~48h, and the interval of each reading should not be greater than 30min

third, for rooms without constant temperature requirements, the temperature can only be measured at a point in the center of the room

fourth, for rooms or areas with constant humidity requirements, the measuring points should be placed at the air supply and return inlets or representative points. No additional torque

③ qualification standard:

if the temperature deviation value of more than 90% of the measuring points is within the range of room temperature requirements, it is in line with the design requirements, otherwise it is unqualified

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