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Labor Day has come, the most sacred holiday for all workers! Maybe you were enjoying a long holiday at that time, but many ordinary workers all over the country will still stick to their posts

labor day has arrived

the most sacred holiday for all workers

maybe you were enjoying a long holiday at that time,

however, many ordinary workers across the country will still stick to their posts,

with their sweat and wisdom, silently write their own glorious chapters

every busy figure is worthy of respect,

every dedication is worthy of admiration

have a dream in your heart, and labor is the most beautiful.

on the arrival of May Day,

water paint beautifies the environment and protects the blue sky for the working people across the country.

salute all workers with green environmental protection: happy may day

at present, the working environment of the majority of workers is getting worse and worse, air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and environmental problems such as haze seriously affect the daily work and life of workers and their health. In order to effectively solve environmental problems, the environmental storm has swept the country, from the implementation of local standards to the formulation and implementation of national standards. In the paint industry, green change has also been unstoppable. Water paint has undoubtedly become a hot hot stamping business card in the paint industry and plays an important role in protecting the living and working environment of workers

a spur of environmental protection, an opportunity to prepare

as a water-based coating with clear water as diluent, it is undoubtedly the leader of environmental protection in the coating industry. Water based coatings do not contain organic solvents, which is of great benefit to the improvement of the environment. Vigorously promoting water-based coatings is the essence of "paying tribute to workers with environmental protection", and it is also the mainstream of the future development of coatings

"opportunities always favor those who are prepared". The rise of water-based coatings is not simply to replace oil-based coatings with water-based coatings, but the overall solution for environmental protection coatings, and make corresponding preparations in environmental protection and emission reduction, safety and health, efficiency improvement, standardized management, etc

a determination to protect the environment, a green journey

from the beginning of its birth, water-based coatings do not contain benzene and toluene. Xylene, formaldehyde and free TDI are toxic heavy metals, non-toxic and non irritating, harmless to human body and not polluting the environment. We are committed to constantly improving the working environment of workers to make it better and better. In order to make the working environment blue and clear, we should start the green journey with the determination of environmental protection

with the continuous improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection performance and the continuous and in-depth promotion of national environmental protection policies, the future of environmental protection coatings has come, and the application of water-based coatings will be more and more widely. In the long run, the majority of workers will be expected to find the lost blue sky




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