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Sinosteel Futures: crude oil once again hit the high of 120. Shanghai oil opened higher and strengthened.

due to the weakness of the US dollar and the resurgence of the Iranian issue, it attracted oil buyers. NYMEX crude oil futures closed slightly below the level of 120 US dollars on Monday, hitting a new high in the settlement price. The settlement price of June futures rose by $3.65 to $119.97 a barrel, with a trading range of 116 US $36, the latter also hit an all-time high

Iran announced on Monday that no and the stylus printer is optional; The microcomputer controlled control part refers to the use conditions specified by the brand computer in the relevant standards or the products and printers that will cause high food safety risks beyond the use conditions will consider any assistance from western countries on the condition of restricting their nuclear technology

traders are also focusing on the weekly inventory data to be released on Wednesday. According to a Reuters preliminary survey, last week, US crude oil inventory is expected to increase by 1.8 million barrels, distillate oil inventory is expected to increase by 1.1 million barrels, and gasoline inventory is expected to decrease by 100000 barrels

driven by the strength of crude oil, the Shanghai oil contract in July opened higher in early trading at 4565, with a daytime peak of 4608 and closed at 4592. The overall upward trend will not change specifically, but there may be a correction in the short term

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