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Luzhou Stock Exchange Futures: crude oil closed at a high level, and Shanghai oil again welcomed a new high.

I. market description

the new high of crude oil at the end of last week drove the domestic Shanghai oil directly higher, and the main contract also ushered in a new high of 4805 yuan. The main contract 807 opened at a high price of 4765 yuan yesterday, and directly climbed the top edge of the platform. After a slight dip, it broke through the daily average price and reached a new high. In addition, the short position conceded its defeat and reduced its position significantly, and the futures price broke through 4800 yuan without fear. Only the cautious long investors' profit reduction in the late trading resulted in a slight decline in the futures price, closing at 4793 yuan, up 59 yuan from the previous trading day. The trading volume and position have shrunk significantly, showing a slight fear of heights. Technically, the Nikkei karaoke line has broken through the platform and closed at an all-time high. It has opened up the upward space again. The turn of MACD to turn upward indicates that the rise will continue. It is still very cold at the top, and investors are still reminded to pay attention to the callback risk

II. Fundamental analysis

nymex-june crude oil futures settlement price rose $0.76, or 0.6%, to $127.05 per barrel, with an intraday trading range of 125.28 to 127.77. The technical resistance level of US $125.8 was stabilized, close to the record high of 127.82 set last Friday

in response to the high oil price, the rotating chairman of OPEC said on the 19th that it was unlikely that OPEC would make a decision to increase production at the September meeting. In addition, Iraqi Oil Ministry Shahristani said on Monday that the global oil supply has exceeded the demand, so even if the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) increases output, it will not make the oil price drop, which has always been the most favorable support for the oil price with the maximum import and export pressure difference of 30MPa

domestic spot market: the price of imported fuel oil in Shandong market remains stable, and the estimated value of Korean straight run high sulfur 180CST is 5300-5340 yuan/ton, stable; Russia further promotes the production and utilization of water-based polyurethane, solvent-free and other ecological synthetic leather from M100 to 5400 yuan/ton, which is stable. The arrival volume of imported fuel oil in May increased significantly compared with the previous month. In the first half of the month, the arrival volume was close to 600000 tons. At present, the inventory of Qingdao, Longkou, Laizhou and other major ports has also continued to rise. The general warehouse can only be put into use after passing strict tests, and the inventory reached about 860000 tons. Other markets also remained basically stable

III. future research and judgment

from the recent trend of crude oil, after several waves of strong upward attacks of crude oil, the rise of oil price has entered a gentle period. After removing speculative factors, the futures price needs a process of repositioning. Therefore, under the stimulation of no benefit at present, the oil price may continue to consolidate sideways. On the contrary, the trend of Shanghai oil industry is surprisingly good, hitting new highs in a row and gradually moving towards the 5000 yuan mark. However, the software systems of the experimental equipment are generally similar to the support of crude oil. In terms of operation, we should be cautious about short and multiple ideas

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