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LUZHENG Futures: crude oil rebounded slightly, and Shanghai Petroleum Corporation created a platform. I. market description on Friday, crude oil failed to stop the decline, fell slightly again, falling below the 0.618 golden section for half a year. Back then, it was just a playful attitude to start to adjust its position. Moreover, the electronic disk opened at the same time on Monday below this level, which has gradually become the recent resistance level, thus directly depressing the originally strong domestic fuel oil (5246,34.00,0.65%, right) futures price. After the main fuel contract 810 opened at a low price, it only rebounded slightly, and then broke the daily average price, fell sharply, reaching as low as 5185 yuan, and closed at 5206 yuan, down 56 yuan compared with the previous trading day. The trading volume and position began to increase gradually, indicating that the long and short differences between Shanghai and PetroChina were aggravated. From the technical graph, the futures price fell slightly, and the daily K-line again reaped a small negative line. In order to build a platform in the middle and late June, the fall of the 40 day moving average once again opened up downward space. The short-term moving average turned around and crossed downward one after another. The opening of the daily MACD continued to widen, and the downward trend remained unchanged. However, the slight rebound of the overnight crude oil industry is the engine, which will prompt Shanghai oil to temporarily stop the decline

II. Fundamental analysis

in view of such developments on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the price of light crude oil futures in September closed up $1.47 to $124.73 a barrel, or 1.19%

the relationship between Iran and the United States has become tense again with the gradual breakthrough of mass production and large-scale difficulties. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Saturday that Iran currently has a total of 6000 uranium enrichment centrifuges, ignoring the international community's request to freeze the development of nuclear programs. This raised market concerns about increased tensions between western countries and Iran, the world's second largest crude oil producer. Earlier, Iran had threatened to cut off the Strait of Hormuz, which is the export channel of 1/4 of the world's crude oil

On the 28th, an armed force in the Nigerian delta announced that it had attacked two major crude oil transportation pipelines of shell oil group. "We announced that we would bomb the oil pipeline again in the next 30 days," the group said in an e-mail statement

the American Energy Information Association (EIA) said on the 28th that the daily oil demand of the United States in May decreased by 660000 barrels compared with the previous estimate, and fell by 891000 barrels year-on-year, the lowest level in the same period of five years. According to the data released by the departmentoftransportation of the United States, the number of miles traveled by vehicles in the United States decreased by 3.7% year-on-year in May, which alleviated the impact of international news on oil prices to a certain extent. The decline in vehicle miles underscores the extent to which US oil demand is declining

the price of fuel oil in Asia rose on Monday, and its difference from the original oil price in Dubai rose to the highest level in the year. The market was under pressure due to concerns about immediate supply. 180CST fuel oil price rose by US $18.05 to US $706.85 per barrel, and its price difference rose by nearly US $1 to US $0.65 per litre. A Singapore trader said, "the market is digesting the immediate supply tension, and this situation should continue until the end of the year." 7. The arbitrage cargo from the West in August was very rare. According to statistics, there were million tons in July, and traders expected that there would be little change in August. Futures spreads climbed nearly $1.50 to $0.50 on Monday, entering a reverse spread situation There is no shopfront transaction. The price difference of fuel oil cracking hit the highest point in the year, up nearly US $2 from yesterday to US $discount per barrel

III. future research and judgment

last night, crude oil rebounded slightly due to supply worries, recovering 0.618 golden section, but was suppressed below the 5-day average. The US crude oil demand in May announced in the same period was still the lowest. Therefore, it is difficult to change the expectation of weakening demand in a short time, which is still a short-term idea. Affected by this, the Shanghai oil futures price has gradually moved away from the high futures price, forming a peaking trend. At the same time, it has fallen below the recent trend line, and the downward trend has not changed. Today, we will pay attention to the performance of the 5-day and 40 day moving average. The intra day range is 5130 yuan to 5300 yuan, and the previous empty orders can continue to be held

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