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Crude oil prices in Asia and the Middle East rose

on Thursday, the tail degradation products in Asia and the Middle East crude oil market were non-toxic and rose with crude oil futures. Dubai crude oil spot per barrel in February 34 US $61, up 75 cents per barrel from Wednesday; The Brent/Dubai forward/current swap price was widened to 5% of the price difference per barrel $25

over the weekend, Middle Eastern oil producing countries will successively announce a new round of official sales prices, but Asian Importers are not hopeful that Asian light and high sulfur crude oil will reduce the official sales price. A regular customer of Murban crude oil said that it was believed that the Abu Dhabi state-owned oil company would cut the official sales price, but the reduction would not be too large. Asian buyers' demand for crude oil rich in distillates weakened, and the price of Murban crude oil shipment in February was reduced to 45 cents discount to the official sales price of Abu Dhabi per barrel at the end of the trading month

however, some traders believe that the potential sellers will raise the price in the recent days after they have greatly expanded the company's business scope. Although the spot trading is poor, it can ultimately affect the formulation of the official sales price

the Dubai/Oman crude oil price difference hovered at US $1.1 per barrel, which means that traders expect Oman Oil and gas department to set the premium of Oman crude oil to Dubai crude oil at this price

in recent weeks, the freight rate of large ships from the Middle East to Northeast Asia has dropped, making the Middle East crude oil more competitive

Taiwan's CNPC will soon announce the routine spot tender for purchasing sulfur crude oil shipped in February, which will cause harm to the environment. It is expected that the company will purchase Palanca and Cabinda crude oil from Angola, with a total of 2 large ships, which is the company's regular monthly purchase

traders calculated that the official sales price of Malaysia's light and low sulfur benchmark crude oil Tapis crude oil in December was US $39.08 per barrel, which means that it was US $8.92 lower than the official sales price in November. Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas mining company will announce its official sales price next week

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