The hottest crude oil rose, and the PE market resp

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PE market response to crude oil rise was flat

North China region:

since the weekend, the market situation in North China has been basically stable. After a week of digestion cycle, downstream factories began to make more positive inquiries, and dealers' quotations for some linear and high-pressure varieties have increased. In terms of varieties, the linear market atmosphere is the most active. The quotation rises slightly by about 50 yuan/ton, leaving a certain profit space for primary traders. The production of agricultural film in the north is stable, and the factory has a certain procurement demand at the beginning of the week. Based on this consideration, retail investors have good expectations for the market, the quotation is firm, and there is little room for negotiation. The performance of high-voltage varieties varies from place to place and from variety to variety: the high-voltage coating in Beijing is still weak, and it is heard that the low-end price is reported to be 12950 ~ 13000 yuan/ton, which is sold sporadically by retail investors; In Tianjin, the steady weakening of membrane level high voltage has become the development trend of the industry, while the market in Shandong has risen slightly. Generally speaking, it oscillates in a narrow range at the ex factory price level; The atmosphere of heavy packing and high-pressure inquiry is good, the price is firm, the quotation of domestic materials is 12600 ~ 12650 yuan/ton, and the imported resources are scarce. Low pressure varieties are mainly stable. Panjin Ethylene raised the injection plastic price in the afternoon by 150 yuan/ton. Although there are few injection molding resources in the market, the performance is mediocre. The price difference between high and low melting index is about 400 ~ 500 yuan/ton. The overall resources of low-pressure membrane are tight, and the price of imported materials remains at 12900 ~ 13000 yuan/ton

East China:

the rise in crude oil prices did not promote traders' enthusiasm for speculation. The market price was stable, and transactions in some regions improved slightly. In terms of various varieties and high-pressure materials, the news about the conversion of the first line of Yangba to EVA injected hope into the dull market. Some traders reported that the transaction was stable, and currently there is no intention to make concessions. In terms of linear materials, Yangzi plant has started production of 7042, but the supply of goods is small, and the market price has not been affected. In terms of low-pressure materials, the recent operating rate of downstream plants is good, the enthusiasm for finding and receiving goods is increased, and social resources are gradually reduced; On the other hand, some middlemen are confused and unwilling to receive goods; Therefore, the market price was in the consolidation stage on the 17th. In terms of mentality, some traders believe that according to the current situation, as long as the crude oil price does not fall sharply, the market price is likely to stabilize

South China:

since the end of last week, the South has shown a steady trend, with average transactions. As far as the general trend is concerned, the market lacks enough attractive highlights, traders are generally confused, and the operation is mainly based on the market. On the 17th, the stability factor could be subject to zigzag corrosion test again to occupy the mainstream position in the market. The traders' wait-and-see mentality was further aggravated, and the factory's dull inquiry and transaction were also weak. In addition, Sinopec Guangzhou office cut prices, and some manufacturers in East China dropped prices. The confidence of the southern market was declining day by day, and downstream factories were very cautious in purchasing. Imported material 4 One set of standard cupping experiment mold: on the one hand, as the price of the outer disc is getting closer to that of the bonded warehouse, some traders have temporarily approved the current outer disc price, so there are goods on the market, and the quantity is acceptable. For example, nearly 10000 tons of HDPE of Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. were traded at US $1300/ton, and a certain number of HDPE of India were traded at US $1280 ~ 1300/ton

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