The hottest crude oil rose sharply and plastics so

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Crude oil rose sharply, plastic sold short on high

one view

l1401 contract:

intraday: empty, support level 100 except for price decline 00, pressure level 10150

medium term: empty, support position 9500 points, pressure position 1 if active indicates that the machine is in good condition 0170 points

two reasons

the ism of the American Institute of supply management released data on Monday. It showed that the samples in June should be cut from the test pieces with uniform thickness. The manufacturing activity in the United States rebounded slightly, showing an expansion trend, and factory employment fell sharply. The ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index (PMI) rose to 50.9 in June from 49.0 in May. As a result, crude oil rose sharply, rising 1.51% to close at 98.02. Yesterday, plastics (10545150.00,1.44%) opened low and went high. It was mainly affected by the extension of Fushun Petrochemical's maintenance period. The lowest price was 9900, the highest was 10090, and the closing price was 1001. Let's see 80, and the settlement price was 10015

unit operation: Maoming Petrochemical started 360000 tons of LDPE yesterday. Lanzhou Petrochemical 360000 tons of full density parking, newly installed and purchased 7042n. Baotou coal to olefin 300000 ton shutdown. Daqing Petrochemical 60000 ton LLDPE shutdown

the U.S. Department of labor is scheduled to release the June quarterly adjusted non farm payrolls report on July 5. At present, the market generally expects that the non farm payrolls will increase by 170000, and the unemployment rate will drop to 7.5% in the same period

market sales: the PE of Qilu Chemical City was basically stable in the afternoon, and petrochemical recovered its original price. Due to limited supply, the mainstream of the market was stable, but the transaction was average. The mainstream of PE in Dongguan is stable, some of which are higher than RMB/ton. Most of the merchants are cautious and wait-and-see, but the actual transaction is relatively general. The offer in Chongqing PE market is weak, and there are many enquiries in the early morning of the month, and the transaction is too much. The wait-and-see is dominant. Suzhou PE market was slightly sorted out and the transaction was average. PetroChina northeast PE is stable, and the quotation of Shenyang PE market is sorted out, but the demand side has not changed much, and the merchants follow the market. PetroChina northwest PE was stable, linear futures opened slightly lower, and traders in Lanzhou market mainly shipped goods, with little change in quotation. Sinopec Huazhong PE rose linearly. At the beginning of the month, Wuhan PE market was higher, and the low opening of futures at the beginning of the month suppressed the market mentality. It was mainly on the sidelines, and the trading atmosphere was weak

(III) operation suggestions:

10150 a small number of empty orders are like the field

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