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Thalys Huawei smart sF5 and Heli Yijie work together to promote the upgrading of new energy vehicle customer service experience

recently, the field of new energy vehicles released a heavy news: Thalys Huawei smart sF5, a high-performance electric drive sedan SUV jointly built by Thalys and technology giant Huawei, was officially launched! On April 21, the new car was simultaneously booked in Thalys experience center, Thalys official app, Huawei experience store and Huawei mall, and the order volume exceeded 3000 in the two days of sale

in 2020, the new track of new energy vehicles, every enterprise is looking for the key to open the door to the future. In 2021, Casillas, a new energy technology that has always maintained a low profile, will come on stage with confidence

different from the red car making forces whose products have not been moved and public opinion has taken the lead, Thalys takes the technology self-sustaining route, which is its biggest advantage. Thalys is one of the first brands in China to master the core three electric technology and extended range technology. It has the leading intelligent extended range electric drive technology, more than 1000 global patented technologies, and has mature vehicle management and manufacturing and supply chain integration capabilities

Thalys not only focuses on product technology, but also makes great efforts to optimize customer service experience. At present, during the launch period of Thalys Huawei smart sF5 new car, Thalys experience center, Thalys official app, Huawei experience store, Huawei mall and other channels have fully opened new car reservation services, and the average daily customer service volume has increased sharply. The key point of customer service at this stage is to improve the service efficiency and service quality of pre-sales appointments and follow-up visits, so that customers can feel the high-quality service experience in every interaction with enterprises

in March this year, Thalys considered and evaluated from the perspective of professional technical ability and automotive industry experience, and finally chose to cooperate with the leading brand in the field of customer service, heli Yijie, and introduced Heli Yijie Intelligent Cloud customer service to help enterprises understand customer needs in a timely manner, record and follow up to solve customer problems, provide customers with personalized test drive services and car purchase services, and create an efficient and intimate customer service experience

together, Yijie cloud customer service covers all service and marketing contacts of the enterprise, deeply grasps user needs, deeply excavates clue value, and drives the development of the enterprise's service marketing system to digitalization and intelligence. Through the joint efforts of Yijie cloud customer service, we can quickly create intelligent open electromechanical call tasks, efficiently reach potential customers and intended customers, and use the pc/mobile multi terminal follow-up mechanism to systematically follow up and meet user needs, solve user problems, accurately analyze the service value and transformation effect of each stage, and help optimize the service and marketing process

Heli Yijie has the same personality as Thalys, and both uphold a low-key and pragmatic attitude and a technology first development strategy. Founded in 2002, heli Yijie is one of the earliest makers of domestic customer service system specifications and standards, and is also the pioneer and practitioner of the first batch of cloud customer service products with internet mode. All products of Heli Yijie cloud customer service are independently developed, with 27 core technologies and 107 software copyrights. Heli Yijie combines its profound technology accumulation with years of product capabilities and operation and maintenance capabilities to realize the landing application of intelligent customer service in the new energy vehicle industry, and help vehicle enterprises achieve a win-win situation of customer service innovation and intelligent transformation

Thalys is a new leader in the new energy vehicle industry. Heli Yijie is the leader in the field of customer service. The sharing of advantageous resources between the two sides is a typical case of promoting the upgrading and development of the customer service system in the new energy vehicle industry. The launch of Thalys Huawei smart sF5 is a new starting point for Thalys to launch its grand blueprint in the new energy vehicle market. In the future, the two sides will not forget their original intention, continue to maintain their enthusiasm for innovation and desire for change, jointly but promote the upgrading of new energy vehicle customer service experience, so that users can easily enjoy electric travel, and sincerely welcome users to visit our factory for guidance and services

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