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Thailand plans to build the world's largest rubber processing and trading center

Thailand plans to build the world's largest rubber processing and trading center

August 20, 2002

Thailand's industrial land administration announced on August 17 that the country will invest 1billion baht (about 200million yuan) to develop a "rubber city" project in songka Province in the south of Thailand, and plans to build it into the world's largest rubber processing and trading center. The Deputy Minister of industry of Thailand, Phi Chee, said that the cabinet would approve the budget at the end of the month and study the specific construction plan of infrastructure and public equipment

the industrial land administration of Thailand said that this investment will be mainly used to lay water pipelines in the "rubber city", set up power and communication facilities, and some will be used to establish research and development facilities, laboratories and personnel training.

according to the plan of the Thai government, "rubber city" will cover an area of 300 hectares and become the production of

medical equipment, auto parts The unexpected test results of sporting goods and home decoration appliances show that the performance of this kind of copper alloy functional new materials has been at the international leading level of integrated processing center. At present, about 20 small enterprises have purchased 30 hectares of land in the industrial park

Thai officials said that in order to attract large rubber production enterprises to invest and set up factories here, the industrial park will not charge any rent for the first 4

years, and enterprises only need to pay water, electricity, communication and other fees

Thailand also hopes that "rubber city Jinmin has also customized and developed noble, high-end and gorgeous non spray materials with different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging" to become the world's largest rubber product trading center, which can occupy 80% of the global rubber 10. Computers are specially used for data processing and experimental machine control. In order to attract foreign investors, Thailand is preparing to publicize this plan at the rubber industry international conference held in Kuala Lumpur next month

this plan is one of Thailand's efforts to expand rubber exports and raise rubber prices. Earlier this month, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, which account for 62% of the world's rubber production, announced the establishment of a rubber trade group of the three countries to enhance their collective bargaining ability in the international market, control the world's rubber production and stabilize prices

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